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Aamir To Woo Telly Viewers With Cleaner 'Delhi Belly'! 

By MovieTalkies.com, Abhinay Deo, Imran Khan, Vir Das, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Aamir Khan

The winning comedy ‘Delhi Belly’ starring Imran khan, Vir Das and Kunaal Roy Kapur might have made moviegoers hold their sides with laughter ,but the film also drew flak from certain quarters for its risqué content and toilet humour. Keeping this in mind, producer Aamir Khan is now planning to redub and edit the movie so as to make it palatable for small screen viewers.

The fresh version is reportedly going to be bereft of any four letter words though the humour quotient shall be preserved in the remade version. Abhinay Deo, who had directed the movie has been given the responsibility of editing the movie for the television screen, which will also comprise making the actors redub their lines sans any abusive language.

Aamir Khan, who is pleased as punch at the response ‘Delhi Belly’ has received is quoted to have said, “The dialogues of the movie have been rewritten for the fresh version and the humour is working really well. I am sure the new version will bring in new audiences for the film.”

The ‘cleaner’ version of the film is expected to be ready by mid-August 2011.