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Priyanka Chopra in Twelve Different Avatars in 'What's Your Rashee?' 

By MovieTalkies.com, We have seen multiple stars on the posters of forthcoming movies, but here is one creative poster which beats all when it comes to thinking out of the box. Ashutosh Gowariker's next release 'What's Your Rashee?' has the lead actor Priyanka Chopra in twelve different roles according to the twelve sun signs. Now, what's exciting about the poster is Priyanka Chopra in twelve different avatars, six on either side of Harman with each look representing a different Rashee. If that was not enough for avid admirers of PC, the ad ran into a full page in a leading newspaper, and for people who want more, a small teaser is doing the rounds already with PC strutting in and out of her different and colorful avatars whilst a graceful Harman looks on, all this against stark white backdrop with melodious jazz music as the background. All we can say, that by the looks of the attractive and colorful ad, there is a huge interest and curiosity amongst people to go and check out what their Rashee is all about in 'What's Your Rashee?'