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Yuvraj Singh On New Musical Pitch : 'Mousiqui' 

By MovieTalkies.com, Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh, who has taken a break from the cricket pitch owing to health issues, on Tuesday, was spotted enjoying at St.Andrews auditorium, Mumbai.

Singh was present to support Broadway music director and music arranger Sajjad Ali Chandwani, who unveiled his brainchild 'Mousiqui-A Musical Ascendence Of Life' at the event.

Talking about Mousiqui, which makes the audiences experience five different stages of life through different forms of contemporary music, Yuvraj said, "We face chin music on the ground, but at heart I am a pukka music lover. In Punjab we find music in everything. We just need a chance to sing or do a jig. Talking about Mousiqui, I loved the concept. And it coming from the seasoned music director like Sajjad Ali Chandwani, was marvelous."

Arranged by A & G Partners in association with Shaf Dani Entertainment, Mousiqui is slated to initiate tours across India, early 2012.

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