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Yoga rule on sets of Gandhi my Father 

By MovieTalkies.com, Akshaye Khanna, Darshan Jariwala, Feroz Abbas Khan It was a rule on the sets of Gandhi My Father to do yoga everyday, talk softly and refrain from abusing. These were some of the cardinal rules that had to be followed by the entire cast and crew of the film. According to director Feroz Abbas Khan, a certain decorum was maintained on the sets only to help the actors. There was no screaming, shouting or abusing allowed on the sets. People were required to maintain a certain dignity and decorum while the shooting was on as the film itself requires the actors to behave in a certain manner. Before the shooting of the film began, the actors had to first enroll themselves in a yoga class, besides the workshops and rehearsals that took place. The asanas helped the actors to focus their energies and become more flexible, said the director. There was even a yoga instructor present on the sets. Actors Akshaye Khanna and Darshan Jariwala used to religiously do their asanas every morning before starting their day. It even helped Darshan loose almost 20 kgs for his role of the Mahatma.