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Gumrah Movie Review

  • : Gumrah (1963): Love v/s Marital Duty

    3/5 stars, By MovieTalkies.com, 15 October 2012
    Gumrah Review
    Producer : B. R. Films
    Director : B. R. Chopra
    Cast : Ashok Kumar, Mala Sinha, Shashikala, Nirupa Roy, Nana Palsikar View Complete Cast

    Gumrah Review In Short-
    A woman is torn between love and marital duties due to unavoidable circumstances…

    Gumrah Review Verdict-
    B.R. Chopra's tale explores the bold concept of old flames threatening to destroy a marriage
    Gumrah Review Story Plot-
    Meena (Mala Sinha) is a happy go lucky girl, who wishes to marry Rajendra (Sunil Dutt), the man of her dreams. However, when her married sister Kamla (Nirupa Roy) passes away due to an accident, Meena is persuaded to marry Kamla's husband Ashok (Ashok Kumar) so that their children are not subjected to a step-mother.
    However, things get complicated when Meena comes back to Nainital, her hometown to visit her father and runs across Rajendra once more, who still seems to have not forgotten his lady love. Meena starts meeting Rajendra once again, despite her initial reluctance. More troubles loom on the horizon for Meena when a mysterious woman named Leela (Shashikala) starts blackmailing Meena. How this woman, torn between love and marital duty, manages to face her problems form the rest of the plot.
    Gumrah Review Performances-
    Mala Sinha and Sunil Dutt perform quite well as Meena and Rajendra respectively and the former effectively portrays the guilt and helplessness of a married woman, who still feels for another man. On his part, Ashok Kumar, who plays the matured husband Ashok, simply wins you over with his urbane charm and his subtle sensitivity.
    Gumrah Review Direction-
    Needless to say, it was rather a challenge for director B.R. Chopra to show his lead actress playing a married woman, who meets her lover on the sly-especially in the 60s. However, the veteran filmmaker not only manages to pull this off but also evoke the sympathy of the viewer for Meena. Indeed, one would understand with Meena's dilemma as opposed to thinking of her as an adulteress after watching the movie. Besides this, Chopra also manages to insert an element of suspense and drama in the form of the mysterious blackmailer.
    Gumrah Review Music-
    With songs like the melancholy chalo ek baar phir se, the romantic tujhko mera pyar pukare and other songs, Gumrah is definitely a treat for music lovers.
    Gumrah Review Final Word-
    Gumrah is definitely a watch for fans of Ashok Kumar and music lovers.

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