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Luv Ka The End Movie Review

  • : Girls Get Even!

    3/5 stars, By MovieTalkies.com, 06 May 2011
    Luv Ka The End Review
    Release Date : 06 May 2011
    Genre : Comedy | Romance
    Banner : Y Films
    Presenter : Aditya Chopra
    Producer : Ashish Patil
    Director : Bumpy
    Cast : Taaha Shah, Shraddha Kapoor, Shenaz Treasurywala, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Archana Puran Singh View Complete Cast

    Finally! After some pretty tame (and lame) attempts at the genre, Y Films has dished out a true chick flick (with balls)! I Hate Luv Storys was more candy floss romance gone wrong, Aisha was like an extended commercial for luxury brands and Turning 30!!! just didn't click. With Luv Ka The End, all the boyfriends who've been dragged along to the theatres might just enjoy watching their girlfriends have a ball more than ogling at the divas on screen.

    Y Films set out to whip up movies 'of the youth, by the youth, for the youth' and it has certainly delivered on all those counts. The premier production of YRF's brand new youth banner is exactly what it claims to be, a sweet revenge film. Though trailers might suggest a mini hangover from American high school flicks and there were talks about similarities with John Tucker Must Die, there's none of that notes in locker, cheerleading squad or boys' locker room talk in Luv. But the blonde girl gang, geeky sidekick and rocking climax party can certainly be ticked off the list.

    Rhea is the quintessential girl next door who's in love with Luv, the college stud with a sleek Jaguar and abs to die for. She's all set to lose her gehna on the eve of her 18th birthday until a twist of fate reveals that her playboy Luv is just looking to grab points and bag the 'Billionaire Boys Club' crown by posting saucy home videos on the net. The rest of the film is about how Rhea and her girl gang plot a sequence of events to reduce Luv Nanda to Luv nanga, with laxatives, itching powder, super glue, a baseball bat and ghagra choli as just some of their props.

    Y Films has always made it clear that theirs is a very focussed approach. So it's hardly surprising that the entire feel of the film is young, vibrant and very JC (junior college) because that is exactly who the target audience is.

    Shehnaz Treasurywala, who also features as a nymphomaniac professor in all of 2 scenes, is the main force behind the screenplay and shares the dialogue credits with Roye Seagal and Nikhil Vyas. The dialogues are peppered with abundant slang, witty one liners and mild expletives (beeped, of course) and the pace of the film is very quick.

    There's hardly ever a dull moment in the entire movie which spans out over less than 24 hours and takes up less than two hours of viewing time. Though the revenge tactics and gags themselves are not exactly innovative, debutant director Bumpy makes sure the momentum never slackens.

    So it is disappointing that the climax of acts as a party pooper of sorts. Bumpy manages to build up the film to such an extent that audiences expect something really kick ass to happen! When Luv reveals Rhea's bracelet, the audience thinks, "Oh no! He knows! What now?" Unfortunately, the pen ultimate scene is quite bland and the track ends rather predictably. However, Rhea's last dialogue before she kicks Luv where it hurts the most is bound to raise a few cheers and hoots from the female audiences.

    Though the film has a host of characters (many of them quite redundant, like Psycho Daadi and Minty) the entire movie pretty much rests on the petite shoulders of Shraddha Kapoor. As Rhea Dialdas, she's the sweet simple girl turned vengeful girlfriend who wrecks havoc in Luv's life after he shatters her heart. Shraddha does well in both these facets, and is especially endearing in the scene where she breaks down after learning the truth about Luv.

    Debutant Taaha Shah is aptly cast as the studly Luv Nanda. The chiselled body frame, seemingly fake accent and Ashton Kutcherisque puppy dog look work in his favour. Amongst the supporting cast, Pushtiie Shakti stands out as Jugs, Rhea's overweight, bindaas and extremely protective best friend. She also has some of the best lines and the wittiest lingo in the film. (She calls the college bimbo 'slutty savitri' and Luv 'sethan bhagat'). Ali Zafar has a charming cameo towards the end and rocks the screen with his performance as singing sensation Freddy Kapoor.

    Foot tapping and catchy, the music of the film sounds even better when placed in context. The title track, accompanied by strangely uplifting visuals of Rhea and her gals smashing Luv's prized Jaguar with baseball bats and hockey sticks, is still playing on a loop in this reviewer's head. Shraddha Kapoor looks like a million bucks in Tonight, a situational, dreamy track with a jazz feel to it. Freak Out is accompanied by a great stop motion video, but it takes away the attention from the main credits while Ali Zafar's peppy rockstar number F.U.N. Fun Fanaa is the perfect way to end the film.

    The choice for young viewers, especially those of the fairer sex is fairly simple. Zingy, upbeat and filled with full on girl power, Luv Ka The End is a 'Luv'ly start to the weekend.

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    Luv Ka The End User Reviews

    too good! Amazing! etc... :these are the things that the girls said when they came out of the film(feeling motivated and having an idea what they can do if her boyfriend is a playboy) while the guys were bored sleepy did not enjoy it etc... but ya personally i give it a thumbs up!!P.S:Y Films please make a film where the guys rag the girls :)!!!
    Yash Raj Camp ka The End
    One of the Worst Movie from Yash Raj Camp.Avoid this piece of shit.
    good movie good fun
    love ka the end is a good movie. saw it yest and it was fun i wld not say it is the best movie but nice. better than thank you which i saw last


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