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Dangerous Ishhq Movie Review

  • : Dangerous Doldrums!

    1.5/5 stars, By MovieTalkies.com, 11 May 2012
    Dangerous Ishhq Review

    Fans of Karisma Kapoor, who were eager to watch the comeback film of their favourite blue-eyed actress, are sure to be disappointed at her recently released Dangerous Ishhq. Vikram Bhatt, who had tasted success with the 3D supernatural thriller Haunted, fails to make a mark with his latest offering.

    Sanjana Saxena (Karisma Kapoor), a supermodel gives up the chance to accept a lucrative assignment in Paris and chooses to stay back with her super-rich beau Rohan (Rajneesh Duggal) because she has this unexplainable gut feeling that she might not meet him again if she goes away. The love birds decide to get married but the very next morning, Rohan is abducted from his beach house by a bunch of masked intruders. Sanjana faints after a head injury and on waking up, starts having visions of another life, which initially scares her but after her friend Dr. Neetu (Divya Dutta) tells us that it might be visions of her past life, they decide to visit a past life regression therapist. Meanwhile, a no-nonsense cop ACP Singh (Jimmy Shergill) starts investigating the kidnapping and helps out Sanjana despite being skeptical about her claims about past life foes and conspiracies.

    What follows is an epic journey that spans centuries throughout history where the unfortunate lovers seem to unite only to be torn apart by some or the other reasons. Moreover, a mysterious foe seems to follow them in every life, trying his best to ruin things for the couple. How Sanjana manages to rescue Rohan from the clutches of the kidnapper and also discover the identity of the mysterious foe, forms the rest of the movie.

    The only redeeming quality of the movie seems to be Karisma, who looks as fresh as ever in her comeback film. However, apart from that one element, the movie is a disappointment on all levels. The Karisma-Rajneesh pairing has zero chemistry and the latter is as expressive as a log. The rest of the cast, with the possible exception of Jimmy Shergill, seem to sleep-walk through their roles. Moreover, the screenplay and dialogues are so absurd that it seems funny at times (In a scene, Sanjana starts telling Neetu that she has run out of coffee and starts breaking down while counting the household items that she needs to take care of! In another scene, a seemingly workaholic doctor Neetu claims she is too busy with work to change footwear for special occasions but is seen strutting in snazzy heels all throughout the movie but at a high profile fashion show, the same person turns up in chappals and gets teased about it by Rohan for being so absent-minded doctor…)

    And to top it all, the film seems like a never-ending roller coaster ride through so many past lives that we don't blame you if you feel your head spinning while trying to keep track. The 3D effects too are not effective enough and one wonders why Bhatt went through the trouble of converting the film in 3D format.

    All in all, Dangerous Ishhq is in great danger of not being accepted with open arms by the audience…

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Movie Goers seemed very excited about watching Karisma Kapoor making a comeback in 'Dangerous Ishhq' but they did not seem overall pleased with the movie as such.

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