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Apna Asmaan Movie Review

  • : A Thought-Provoking Drama

    3.5/5 stars, By MovieTalkies.com, 07 September 2007
    Apna Asmaan Review
    Release Date : 07 September 2007
    Genre : Children | Drama
    Banner : Imaginationworks Films
    Producer : Umang Pahwa
    Director : Kaushik Roy
    Cast : Irrfan Khan, Shobana Shankar, Dhruv Piyush Panjuani, Rajat Kapoor, Anupam Kher View Complete Cast

    Kaushik Roy's Apna Asmaan takes Khalil Gibran's adage 'your children are not your children' and examines what amounts to acceptance of a child's inadequacies and learning difficulties. A thought-provoking drama, it plays like a thriller but raises several existential questions about life and its meaning. How much is a child your reflection? What extremes would you go to in order to make your child a genius? What is more important, love and true bonding in life, or success and emotional disconnect in a materialistic world? Irrfan Khan and Shobhna play Ravi and Padmini, a middle class couple who have a young son named Buddhi (Dhruv Panjuani making an eventful and memorable debut), whose intelligence is rather low, but whose hand works magic with brush or crayon. When Ravi is not busy as a plastic salesman, he is indulging himself in a drink too many, reliving his guilt of having dropped young Buddhi while playing with him. Ravi believes that he is responsible for his child's mental disability, and loves his son all the more in his emotional upheaval. Waxing eloquent on the virtues of plastic, he goes through life in a plastic state, unable to emerge beyond his circumstance. But a scientist he chances upon while watching television promises salvation from his plight when he learns that there is an injection developed that can rid man of his mental disability. Anupam Kher plays Dr. Sathya, this messiah scientist whose methods are questionable but nevertheless results are guaranteed. Buddhi is then administered this medical concoction that transforms the young boy into a genius and the lives of the parents takes a new turn. Buddhi becomes Aryabhatta, the central player in this story, whose intellectual growth is coupled with an emotional degeneration. Questions are raised about our own acceptance and tolerance levels, and the pressure we put children to in order to achieve our own aims and desires through them. Without giving away more of the story and its turns, Apna Asmaan is a film that has a cerebral motive; in today's competitive world, it serves as an eye-opener to what we succumb to in order to match our neighbour or colleague. Are our pursuits driven by need or desire, want or greed? Roy's directorial debut takes on a subject that has a strong personal real-life influence, and deals with it deftly for a first-timer, with inspiration derived from his own son Orko. The performances are good, particularly Irrfan Khan who perfectly plays the father and the plastic salesman, torn with an inner turmoil that is calmed by drinking, even in the day while skipping work. His happiness is his child's happiness, not just at art but beyond in life and school's regular pursuits. Mehboob's lyrics with Sukvinder singing 'Kar aisa kuch yahaan ki jeet le duniya re' is apt audio accompaniment to a tale of what success amounts to in life. A metaphorical gem that makes you ponder about your own 'apna asmaan'. Find it at a cinema near you.

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    Apna Asmaan User Reviews

    Apna Asmaan is a good movie
    Apna Asmaan is a good movie made by Kaushik Roy.Many critics and viewers have got used to seeing movies having sexy actresses and item songs and don't watch a movie having a boring and serious theme.Anyways I loved the movie very much. The story:- Ravi(Irfan Khan)a worker in a plastic company and Padmini(Shobana)a housewife have no problems in their life except one that their son Buddhi(Dhruv Piyush Panjuani)is abnormal and lack learning capibilities due to epilepsy which happened to Buddhi while Ravi playing with baby Buddhi by throwing him in the air and catching him and at one time misses and Buddhi falls on the ground.Ravi and Padmini hears about Dr.Sathya(Anupam Kher) who has made a medicine called Brain Booster which can make an abnormal child a normal and genius child but after talking with Dr.Sen(Rajat Kapoor)a neurologist and a good friend of Ravi and Padmini thinks not to use the Brain Booster on Buddhi but one day Ravi injects the Brain Booster in Buddhi and within minutes Buddhi becomes a genius and after which he is named Aryabhatta but the Brain Booster had a side effect Amnesia which means that Buddhi will forget his past and will not recognise his parents,friends or relatives and not even Astra his friend Pinky's dog.At the end Ravi somehow injects the antidote in Buddhi which can turn Buddhi the way he was in the past.Buddhi becomes again as he was and the parents understand that they should accept Buddhi the way he is and not the way they want.There is a tagline attached to Apna Asmaan which is very much true-Think before you dream,your dreams might come true.I give Apna Asmaan *****=5 stars.


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