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Salaam Bombay Movie Review

  • : Ek Din, Apne Hindustaan Mein, Sab Theek Ho Jaayega!

    5/5 stars, By , MovieTalkies.com, 22 March 2013
    Salaam Bombay Review
    Producer : Mira Nair
    Director : Mira Nair
    Cast : Nana Patekar, Aaneeta Kanwar, Chanda Sharma, Raghubir Yadav, Hansa Vithal View Complete Cast

    Salaam Bombay - In Brief
    Bombay, now Mumbai, is often referred to as 'sapnon ka sheher' (city of dreams). There's a scene in Salaam Bombay, when Krishna, played by Shafiq Syed, is requesting for a ticket to any big city in the vicinity and the ticket seller tells him, Bombay jaa, waapas film star ban ke aana. This, folks, is the magic about the city. Mira Nair’s Salaam Bombay captures the life on the streets of this glorious city.

    Salaam Bombay - Verdict
    Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, Salaam Bombay is a heart-rending film. The story, and particularly the mind-numbing climax, won't make you smile or cry. Instead, it will stun you!

    Salaam Bombay - Short Plot
    Krishna (Shafiq Syed), who has run away from his home after being involved in a scuffle with his brother, works in the circus. On one of the days, young Krishna is left abandoned by his circus troupe after being asked to run an errand. The boy finds it difficult to find his way back to his mother, or locate his circus troupe. So, he lands up at the railway station and travels to the nearest big city, Bombay. Here, he hopes to collect 500 rupees so that he can return to his 'mulk' (home).

    Krishna loses the little money that he had on the first day itself, as he gets robbed by the street urchins. He follows the robbers all the way till Bombay's red-light area at Grant Road. Here, he comes across interesting characters. Baba Golub (Nana Patekar) has hired Chillum (Raghubir Yadav) to sell drugs for him, while his wife Rekha (Aneeta Kanwar) sleeps around for money with well-off men at the up-scale areas of the city.

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