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Release Date : 14 June 2013
Year : 2013
Banner : Excel Entertainment
Producer : Farhan Akhtar , Ritesh Sidhwani
Director :
Genre : Comedy
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'Excel'lent Entertainment!

By Jaidev Hemmady, MovieTalkies.com, 13 June 2013 3 / 5

Fukrey Movie Review-In Short:
Four Fukrey (good for nothing/jobless) fellows get involved in a get-rich scheme to earn money and discover that they have bitten off more than they can chew…

Fukrey Movie Review-Verdict:
A whacky comedy, Fukrey will surely be a hit amongst the youth…

Fukrey Movie Review-Story Plot:
Hunny (Pulkit Samrat) and Choocha (Varun Sharma) are two students from a low-key government college, who dream of getting into a private co-ed college so that they can ogle at girls. Meanwhile, Hunny and Choocha also bet on lotteries by deciphering Choocha's dreams and coming up with a number, which is a sure-shot winner.

Lali (Manjot Singh) is the son of the owner of a small food joint, who wants to pay donation and join a college, where his girlfriend studies, so that he can be close to her whereas Zafar (Ali Fazal) is a guitar-strumming struggler, who wants to raise money to take care of his ailing father's treatment.

When Hunny and Choocha meet Lali and Zafar through Pandit (Pankaj Tripathi), a jugaadu college employee, Hunny comes up with an idea of a big time lottery deal, which would solve everyone's problems. Pandit leads them to Bholi Punjaban (Richa Chadda), a foul-mouthed shady operator with a finger in every illegal pie.

'Desi' Flavour In A Situational Album

By Joginder Tuteja, MovieTalkies.com, 22 May 2013 2.5 / 5

You are a little sceptical about what the soundtrack of Fukrey has to offer. There are chances that in the name of being zany, the music at times takes off on a different tangent altogether, hence resulting in something that doesn't really soar on the popularity factor. However given the fact that the makers are Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani here, there is also a good chance of something which is different from routine. With an expectation of being surprised, one plays on Fukrey which has music by Ram Sampat and lyrics by Vipul Vig, Munna Dhiman and Mrigdeep Lamba.

The album gets on a fast track at the very inception with Vipul Vig written title song Fukrey. Sung with aplomb by Amjad and Ram Sampat, the song has a rustic touch to it which being attached to the roots. In the process, it also brings in a distinct Delhi flavour, hence resulting in an outcome which has in it to be finding an audience on the dance floors. Catchy enough to play in your mind after it is heard first, it has chances of finding good popularity coming its way after the film finds some good footfalls for itself.

The way Rabba begins in the vocals of Clinton Cerejo and the kind of tempo that it builds 50 seconds down the line, there is a good build up that makes you revisit the song. Ram Sampat and Keerthi Sagathia come on the scene and bring in a remarkable turnaround to this pensive number that is high on beats and rhythm. It is Munna Dhiman's lyrics that leave an impression as well, hence resulting in a situational number which is set in a situation where protagonists are looking at a turnaround in their lives.

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Vipul Jain, Jun 15, 2013
3 / 5
If lost and found was Bollywood's formula in 1980s, it is FRIENDSHIP and YOUTH this decade. So, it is back with its latest offering FUKREY which symbolizes most of today's youth who are hell bent on shortcut to fame without thinking about the risk of shame. Practically, it's time to get nostalgic about our youth days when we could fly without wing and cruise like a sea king. Fukrey explores the life of 4 youths of Delhi who differ in their personalities but have a common denominator-''earning loads of easy money''. The first half of the movie is consumed in revving up the comic engine as it establishes the ensemble cast(their backgrounds, dreams, motives for earning money etc) and exploring Old Delhi while the second half is a full blown comic ride based out of foundation laid in the former part. I wont spill the beans of the story but provide a brief of the plot. Hunny(Pulkit Samrat, seen in Bittoo Boss) and Choocha(Varun Sharma) eyes their admission into Delhi's ''Maal''daar college(read girls); Lalli, 'A-sardaar' (Manjot Singh; pun intended) wishes to take admission in second year of that same college out of correspondence course of first year and Zafar(Ali Fazal; a struggling musician) is seen whiling his time in the campus. In an attempt to earn easy money for the capitalization fee of college, they seek a huge investment for their sure-shot formula of winning lottery. Enter, Bholi Punjaban(Richa Chadha), local goondi as their angel investor and all hell breaks loose. Performance wise, the award for maximum rib ticklers goes to Choocha and Bholi Punjaban as their roles act as a boost like a Viagra for a sex starved couple. Priya Anand (seen in English Vinglish) and Vishakha (seen in Ankur Arora.M.C movie in this weekend) have specially crafted but short roles. Special mention to the quartet which the male leads sing just before the interval, ''Pyaar Hame kis mod pe..". To sum up, FUKREY has its dull moments during its 135 minutes run but it really has enough content to keep that smile wide on your face. :-) So, jyada mat 'SOCH-Re'... just give a shot to these FUKREYs! Who knows, FUKREY might get added in your list of favourite 'F' word. Read more at: http://www.vjmoviews.com/2013/06/fukrey-movie-review.html

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