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Release Date : 06 December 2013
Year : 2013
Banner : Eros International , A Next Gen Films Productions
Producer : Sunil Lulla , Viki Rajani
Director :
Genre : Action
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R...Rajkumar SYNOPSIS

R Rajkumar is the story of a young man without a purpose in life named Rajkumar (Shahid Kapoor). A rebel without a cause, he leads a carefree life and works for a drug baron named Shivraj (Sonu Sood). His life changes as one day he sees Chanda (Sonakshi Sinha), the epitome of beauty. Although she is educated she has a rustic charm. Her parents died when she was young and her only surviving relative is another drug baron named Manik Parmar (Ashish Vidyarthi) who is the arch rival of Shivraj. Both Parmar and Shivraj owe allegiance to a Mafia Don named Ajit Taaka (Shri Hari) who operates from Malasiya.

Rajkumar falls head over heels in love with Chanda without knowing that she is the niece of Parmar who he has been ordered to kill by his Boss Shivraj. After some wooing Chanda succumbs to Rajkumar's charm and falls in love with him. But before their love can flourish a deadly secret unfolds that shatters Rajkumar's world. He has only one option left, if he wants Chanda he has to destroy the deadly drug cartel that is operated from Madhya Pradesh and has its roots in Malaysia.

What is the deadly secret that has in a moment turned Rajkumar's life into living hell?

Will Rajkumar manage to destroy the huge drug cartel and get Chanda??

And last but not the least, will Rajkumar live to tell the tale???

All these questions and many more thrills action, songs and entertainment will unfold as the movie releases on December 6, 2013.

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R...Rajkumar REVIEWS

Follows Manmohan Desai Formula Of An Episodic Film

By Joginder Tuteja, MovieTalkies.com, 07 December 2013 3.5 / 5

Call it old fashioned, regressive or escapist but the fact remains that R... Rajkumar is not really a gandi baat but instead an entertaining affair that has quite a few episodes that remain etched in your memory long after the film is through.

'Episodes', because (and this may sound like stretching the tale too far) just like Manmohan Desai brand of madness in movies, even R... Rajkumar is a film that is made entirely of episodes that last for 8-10 minutes each and make sure that there is some or the other 'item' in the offering. So what one gets to see is an 'item action', 'item comedy', 'item song', 'item dialogue-baazi' and 'item everything', hence resulting in a full-on-pace affair that is made of 12-13 key sequences that fill in this two hour long affair.

There is a stream of story too that makes sure that all the fillers eventually fit in well together. So Shahid Kapoor works for Sonu Sood, fights it out with his arch rival Aashish Vidyarthi, falls in love with his niece, takes panga with his boss and eventually emerges victorious. Simple as it may sound, the fact remains that the craft lies in ensuring good entertainment quotient even in his thin stream and in that perspective, Prabhudheva gets it right once again.

So right from Shahid's entry into the scene with a fight sequence to 'getting into the good books of Sonu' act to the song 'Gandi Baat' to the constant wooing (stalking?) of Sonakshi Sinha to a couple of fight sequences that follow to a international drug mafia angle (Srihari) to the twist in the tale leading to a volatile interval point, everything keeps the pace of R... Rajkumar so high that you don't get a moment to look elsewhere. In fact the film starts with a bang and except for a few minutes in the interim period where the stalking gets a little too discomforting, you step into the second half with good hopes.

Thankfully, R... Rajkumar doesn't suffer from the loose second half syndrome and maintains a pace right through the hour that follows. Oh yes, you do miss a chartbuster song like Saree Ke Fall Sa or Gandi Baat but then the background score based on these songs as well as the sound of Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar...Maar Maar Maar (courtesy Sandeep Chowta) that plays in the background keeps the energy going. Unfortunately Dhokha Dhadi comes as an interruption while Kaddu Katega is a poor cousin of Aa Re Pritam Pyaar [Rowdy Rathore] but then you are still willing to ignore that due to drama, action and comedy.

(Spoilers ahead) So what one gets to see are some funny sequences involving Aashish Vidyarthi getting all beaten up to Sonu being taken for a ride at a saree store to him learning English to the temple sequence to a couple of rounds of challenge-throwing between the protagonist and antagonist. Moreover, there is some drama in store too with Sonakshi offering herself to Sonu provided he proves his mettle.

However the best is reserved for the climax where Shahid rises like a phoenix after being beaten to the pulp. Though Aamir Khan had played this part to perfection in Vikram Bhatt's Ghulam a decade and a half ago, many films in the past have tried to recreate the sequence. From then till now, it is only R... Rajkumar that actually manages to bring on similar euphoria as the extended climax has many clap trap moments that should keep the target audience occupied. Shahid rises, falls, rises, falls and then rises again to come up with a fight of a lifetime that brings R... Rajkumar to a 'paisa vasool' end.

As had been the case with Manmohan Desai films, the most rudimentary factor for any actor is to allow a director to call the shots in entirety and go by his vision. This is what works perfectly well in R... Rajkumar as Shahid goes by the flow and comes up with one of his best acts in a really long time. Keeping his chocolate boy image aside, he comes with his lazy dialogue delivery and casual persona that goes with the character. In fact never once is his shortcoming from physique perspective is hidden and it is utterly convincing to see him still fight it out with the bad guys, given the core requirement of a Hindi film hero.

Sonu gets yet another meaty role in his career and given the superb form he is in for last few years, he enjoys a part which is more or less parallel to that of Shahid. With ample screen time to his credit, Sonu alternates between playing a tough, nice and funny guy, hence showcasing once again that he has it in him to survive in the industry despite for long. As for Sonakshi, she has limited part to begin with but brings in some good momentum in the second half, courtesy a much lengthier screen part. Mukul Dev as Shahid's friend has limited screen time while (Late) Srihari doesn't impress. Asrani does well.

Prabhudheva definitely knows his job well. After kick-starting the trend of 'masala' movies with Wanted, he is at it again with R... Rajkumar. He ends up presenting a dish that is spicy as well as satiating in good measures, hence proving once again that when it comes to enticing the masses, he has it in him to get it right each time around.

Not Happening

By Nishevitha Vijayanand, MovieTalkies.com, 26 November 2013 2 / 5

Shahid Kapoor and Prabhudheva join hands for the first time in R...Rajkumar, a commercial entertainer directed by the latter with Sonakshi Sinha as the leading lady. Non-stop entertainment is the mainstay of Prabhudheva films and the music of his films reflect the same sentiment. More than melody, musically Prabhudheva’s films tend to be more massy and danceable. Hence, despite the fact that Pritam is working for the very first time with Prabhudheva, one can expect the music to reflect the Director’s style and not that of the Music Director. Let us see whether the soundtrack of R...Rajkumar throws up any other surprises.

The album begins with Gandi Baat which is exactly in line with our expectations from this film. The best way to describe this song is it is a proper South Indian Kuthu number with Hindi lyrics (Anupam Amod) about which the less said the better. But the fact remains that the quality of the lyrics especially in songs such as these have taken such a turn for the worse in the recent years that such terrible lyrics have become acceptable and is even liked by a section of the audience! Bad lyrics apart, the composition is quite catchy though it is nothing really new. Mika Singh has a ball singing this one in his trademark style with Kalpana Patowary providing him good company. Given the fact that it is high on energy, foot-tapping and quite addictive, it is surely a given that this one is going to rapidly climb up the popularity charts. The film version has Nakash Aziz and Ritu Pathak lending their vocals to this number which seems to be a bit low on energy levels due to the absence of Mika. Except that there is not really much of a difference between the two versions.

The lyrics are yet again the irritant in Saree ke Fall Sa, the guilty one this time around being Mayur Puri. It is indeed amazing that today’s lyricists can actually compare pure love to a Saree’s fall of all things! Metaphorical expression of love has sure come a long way in Hindi Films. But Pritam yet again saves the day with a lively and energetic number (Kuthu style once again) with such rhythmic beats that it really tempts the listener to get on the dance floor. With no Mika this time around for comparison, Nakash Aziz’s vocals sure grows on the listener. Antara Mitra is also pretty good and the two together with Pritam compensate for the inane lyrics resulting in an average track which can enjoy middling popularity during the film’s run at the theatres. Domestic Dew’s Remix of this track is quite enjoyable too if one isn’t overly concerned about the lyrical quality.

Dhokha Dhadi comes as a welcome change from the previous two numbers and is a typical Pritam melody that is breezy and quite melodious. The lyrics (Nilesh Mishra) are simple and easy on the ears and Arijit Singh’s sprightly singing (complemented wonderfully by Palak Muchhal) lifts the song a few notches higher. The use of the Clarinet in the interlude is quite nice and the song though not exactly outstanding is pleasant nevertheless and can gain popularity if the film does well.

Kunal Ganjawala returns to playback singing after a long time with Mat Maari which unfortunately turns out to be a bad decision. This song which sees him paired with Sunidhi Chauhan no less gets so tedious after a point that it becomes difficult to even sit through this one completely. Supposedly a song which sees the lead pair mocking each other, this one sees the lyrics (Ashish Pandit) touching a new low. It is indeed surprising that a singer like Sunidhi agreed to mouth words such as Chor, Lukkha, Luchcha and so on. Even if this song is not meant to be taken seriously, one does feel that there should be some kind of a screening process when the music is meant to be for popular consumption. The composition too is quite insipid and fortunately for the listener it gets erased from the memory immediately.

Antara Mitra gets her second song in this album, Kaddu Katega which is slightly rustic in its composition. In spite of Antara’s energetic performance, this tune is a little too eclectic to get popular but it might find favor with a very niche section of the audience on repeated hearings. Nonsensical Lyrics (Ashish Pandit) are again the bane of this track alas by now one knows what to expect in it and hence does not come as a surprise. With a composition that sounds quite flaky, it will be tough for Kaddu Katega to find acceptability.

To sum up, the soundtrack of R...Rajkumar is as massy and commercial as was expected with a couple of dance-worthy tracks (Gandi Baat & Saree Ke Fall Se) as well as the lone melody (Dhokha Dhadi). In that sense Pritam does deliver but qualitatively speaking there is a lot of room for improvement and the team (especially the lyricists) have to pull up their socks and work harder if they want to come up with a better product next time.

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Gaganabh Pandey, Dec 08, 2013
5 / 5
A new 100cr coming on the way Shahid Kapoor Sonu Sood Sonakshi Sinha & especially Prabhu deva sir made a biggest mass entertainer of this year. Dhoom 3 ka toh pata nahi but this movie will make the year end with a bang.
Abhishek Singh, Dec 08, 2013
4.5 / 5
Awesome dhamake dar...superb entertainment movie of the year 2013

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