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Shaadi Ke Side/Effects

Release Date : 28 February 2014
Year : 2014
Banner : Pritish Nandy Communications , Balaji Motion Pictures Ltd
Producer : Shobha Kapoor , Ekta Kapoor , Pritish Nandy , Rangita Pritish Nandy
Director :
Genre : Comedy | Drama
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Farhan-Vidya's Acts Dilute The Side Effects

By Joginder Tuteja, MovieTalkies.com, 01 March 2014 3 / 5

A very relatable first half of the film which is followed by some unbelievable turn of events in the second half - This is what turns out to be the case with Shaadi Ke Side/Effects. Thankfully there are performances of Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan that keep the ball rolling.

There are several sweet and 'hey, this is what you do to understand your spouse well' moments that Saket Chaudhary brings in the first 30 minutes of the film that set the stage for the film. The role play of being a perfect couple, the minor adjustments being made to avoid any arguments and the build up towards a baby coming into the lives of the protagonists is done well. In fact a particular sequence with Farhan acting up with a bloated tummy is a riot.

You expect that with baby coming into the lives of the protagonists, the film's narrative may slow down a little. Thankfully that isn't really the case as the smiles are on. Several 'oh yes, this indeed happens' moments strike you as the first time parents go about raising their child while drifting apart subconsciously.

Now this is where the plot takes a turn. Suddenly, the film is being told mainly from Farhan's point of view and somehow all the piece of advice that comes his way is not just wrong but also unbelievable. (Spoilers ahead) His brother in law (Ram Kapoor) wants him to take a time off from family, the whole PG affair is way too far fetched, the Purab Kohli track comes and goes at its whim, the Vir Das angle comes out of nowhere while Ila Arun's sub-plot stops being engaging after a while. It doesn't quite stop there as a double twist in the tale around a pregnancy ends up meandering too.

Thankfully, what still keeps it all tied down to an extent are performances by Farhan and Vidya. Yet again, Farhan is natural to the core and is believable in the face of unbelievable situations. On the other hand Vidya is real and is an absolute delight when she comes on the screen. However it must be admitted that most of the jokes are courtesy the first half of the film.

This is the reason why one feels that if only the narrative would have been consistent right through the 150 minute play of the film, this 'shaadi' could well have been sans any 'side effects'.

Boasts Of Pritam's Trademark Melodies

By Nishevitha Vijayanand, MovieTalkies.com, 12 February 2014 3 / 5

Shaadi Ke Side/Effects sees Bollywood's very own all-rounder Farhan Akhtar joining hands with one of the finest actresses of the current generation, Vidya Balan for what is touted to be a quirky romantic comedy. Directed by Saket Chaudhary whose earlier film Pyaar Ke Side Effects (which explored modern relationships) not only turned out to be a surprise success at the Box Office but also created enough interest in the audience's minds thus making way for a sequel. Through Shaadi Ke Side Effects, director Saket Chaudhary seeks to explore the man-woman relationship post marriage. As has always been the norm, good and popular music is essential to pique the audience's curiosity for any film, especially so for a romcom. Pritam who is best known for his romantic tracks seems to be well suited to take up this responsibility and fulfil the director's expectations. Giving good company to Pritam is Swanand Kirkire who is in-charge of the lyrics department along with Amitabh Bhattacharya and Mayur Puri who have chipped in with one song each for this soundtrack which is expected to be among the top chartbusters of the year. Let us see whether this team indeed lives up to the expectations.

Harry is not a Brahmachari can best be described as techno elements interspersed in a typical Punjabi tune. This party number which has vocals by Divya Kumar and Jazzy B with a rap by Ishq Bector is mostly noise and cacophony and is not for everyone. Honestly, the overdose of techno sounds is quite annoying and manages to drown out the lyrics (Amitabh Bhattacharya) completely, not that it matters much in a party number though. What was intended to be a ''Boys just wanna have fun'' number ends up to be not so fun for the listener.

Romance is in the air in I'm Sorry par Tumse Pyaar Ho Gaya vocalized by Nikhil Paul George, Neeti Mohan and Mili Nair. This breezy melody is pleasant and easy-on-the-ears and is a refreshing change from the previous number. Swanand Kirkire's lyrics ooze romance and the singers especially Nikhil are top-rate and do full justice to Pritam's peppy tune. Though not extraordinary, I'm Sorry is quite surely a decent listen.

Replace Pyar with Vyah and we have a reprise of the popular track Pyar Karke Pachtaya from Pyaar ke Side Effects in Tauba Main Vyah Karke Pachtaya. Sung delightfully by Shahid Mallya and ably supported by Indian Idol contestant Poorvi Koutish (who does a very good rap-styled impression of a ranting housewife!) and Alam, this one is innovatively done with the shehnai used in full measure to highlight the wedding scenario. Equally enjoyable as the earlier version Vyah Karke Pachtaya written by Mayur Puri is almost a tribute to the original and is quite delectable.

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Directed by Saket Chaudhary, ‘Shaadi Ke Side/Effects’ stars Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan and Ram Kapoor and the film is a hilarious take on martial relationships and how the lives of a couple changes after the arrival of a kid. The film, which is produced by Balaji Motion Pictures and Pritish Nandy Communications, is set to release in February 2014.

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