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OMG Oh My God!

Release Date : 28 September 2012
Year : 2012
Banner : Grazing Goat Productions , Viacom 18 Motion Pictures , Spice
Producer : Akshay Kumar , Paresh Rawal , Ashvini Yardi
Director :
Genre : Comedy | Social
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Kanji Mehta is an atheist, who runs an antique shop. For him, god and religion are nothing more than a business proposition. He buys old looking god and other religious idols, which he usually sells as ‘antique’ idols at double or triple, and sometimes even 10 times its original price.  Well, it’s not his fault really, is it now? The average and gullible believer truly wants to believe that these are actually centuries old and rare finds. God is the biggest money spinner for him.

His wife, on the other hand, is a completely different story. She is as devout as one comes, infact so much so, that she goes the extra mile to atone for her husband’s sacrilegious babblings. The life has gone on for kanji and his family like this, and would have sailed smoothly for him in the future as well, but for that one fine day, when a slight tremor of an earthquake shakes the city. The earthquake itself doesn’t cause any concern to anyone, and would have hardly been of any consequence, but for one small problem… it causes the destruction of only one shop in the entire city… Kanji’s shop!!! But Kanji, is a wily fox, he always thinks 2 steps ahead. For just such a situation, he has taken out more than adequate insurance… nothing, not even a freak earthquake can upset his life… 
But as they say, man proposes, god disposes, or in this case, Insurance company disposes… for, the insurance companies possess a holistic shield against all such claims… ‘ACT OF GOD’...  Now, this ‘act of god’ is that fine print which is hardly ever read by the policy taker, but can be used by the insurance agency to deny any unwarranted claim. The insurance company invokes this act of god and promptly rejects the claim saying that ‘earth-quake’ is not a man made phenomenon, it can only be brought on by an ‘act of god’.
Frustrated, and left with no option, Kanji decides to file a case against God on the premise that if God is responsible for his loss, as has been made amply clear by the Insurance Company, then it is God’s responsibility to compensate him for his losses. SO THAT’S HOW GOD GETS SUED!
Kanji sends legal notices to the various high priests and heads of various religious sects. The news spreads like wild fire that a mad man has made a mockery of religion and law alike. Everyone, including the lawyers and the priests are certain, that such an outlandish and preposterous case, will never get the dignity of a court hearing, it will be thrown out in a minute, if not sooner.
In the court, Kanji argues his own case, not because he didn’t trust any lawyer… it was just that it’s difficult to find a lawyer in this country, who was willing to put God on trial. The proceedings begin, the lawyers are contemptuous, Priests are dismissive, kanji is earnest and persuasive. To everyone’s disbelief, the judge leans towards Kanji, after all it is the question of survival for an individual… he admits the case. This news too spreads like wildfire, and not everyone will take it lying low… an agitated crowd gathers outside the court premises, and upon sighting kanji emerging from the court, run to attack him… Kanji runs, with a mob following close on his heels.
 Just as Kanji begins to lose ground, a man enters… riding majestic on his flaming bike, he swoops kanji off the road straight on his bike, and speeds off… the crowd is in no mood to admit defeat, they follow on cars and bikes of their own… a crazy chase follows… but kanji and the mysterious man emerge unscathed, much to Kanji’s astonishment. The man introduces himself… his name is Krishna Vasudev Yadav… the god?? No NO, it cant be!!!
What follows is a journey of epic proportions, of self realization and legal masterstrokes. The second hearing comes up and kanji is at his argumentative best. The lawyers and the priests alike are stumped and sometimes even embarrassed. They can only hide behind thin wall of religious edicts and god’s benevolence. But kanji is unstoppable. But as it had to, it finally comes down to proof… something, which kanji finds hard to supply. After all, how can anyone ever prove, that there exists a god. And if there does exist a god, that god is actively interested in the activities of this world and every living and non living entity in this world. Even if this supposed god is interested at all in what the people do, how does one prove that this god, took time out to single kanji out and destroy his shop…the proof is almost impossible to find.
For all it was worth, kanji had lost…or had he?

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Funny, Thought-Provoking… Heavenly!

By MovieTalkies.com, 28 September 2012 4 / 5

OMG Oh My God! Review In Short
A cynical non-believer files a case against God and his 'agents' after losing his business in a natural calamity (act of God, as defined by insurance agencies) and wreaks havoc…

OMG Oh My God! Review Verdict
One of the most thought-provoking films this year, OMG also has its share of cheeky humour to entertain you…
OMG Oh My God! Review Story Plot
Kanji Mehta (Paresh Rawal) is a cynical atheist, who shuns the idea of God and religion and merrily goes about conning devout customers by selling them fake antiques. However, Kanji's life gets turned upside down when his shop gets destroyed in an earthquake, causing him immense financial losses. When Kanji claims for insurance, he is told that his claim cannot be entertained as 'acts of God' are not insurable. An angry and desperate Kanji decides to fight back against this injustice and files a case against God in court, claiming damages from God or his 'agents' viz. spiritual godmen, who claim to have direct access to God. Needless to say, this creates havoc all over the country, earning Mehta his share of brickbats
In the meanwhile, Kanji also has to deal with a mysterious stranger named Krishna Vasudev Yadav (Akshay Kumar), who claims to be God and moves into Kanji's residence. How Kanji's act of filing a case against God leads to problems in his life and how the charming Krishna manages to help him out forms the rest of the plot…
OMG Oh My God! Review Performances
Paresh Rawal is one of the finest actors in the industry and with OMG, Rawal proves once again that when it comes to versatility, he has few equals. Whether it is a comic scene or a dramatic sequence, Paresh dominates the screen with a casual ease and his natural acting and deadpan humour is something to watch for. On his part, there is just one word for Akshay in the role of Krishna- rocking! This reviewer is personally a fan of the Khiladi and it must be said that Akki is the best candidate to pull off this role. Kumar serves up a perfect combination of nobility and mischievousness in his role as the Lord Krishna and the only sad part is that one ends up feeling the role could have been meatier. Last but not the least; it is Mithun Chakraborty as the spiritual guru, who is sure to impress you with his absolute brilliance. Other actors like Govind Namdeo and Mahesh Manjrekar too perform their parts well.
OMG Oh My God! Review Direction
Making a film with a protagonist, who shuns the idea of God, was definitely a major challenge in a country like India, but it must be said that director Umesh Shukla, who has directed the play Kishan v/s Kanhaiya has handled the subject quite effectively…Mixing humour with drama, Shukla comes up with a film, which is entertaining as well as thought-provoking. The entire film hinges on dialogues and the court-room sequences and the debate that Kanji and his opponents indulge in are something that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Of course, no film is without flaws and some scenes are slightly corny and the climax could have packed a more powerful punch, but all in all, Shukla delivers a winner with this 'divine comedy'.
OMG Oh My God! Review Music
With songs like the peppy Go go Govinda and the soulful Mere Nishaan, Hari bol, Tu hi tu and the Krishna theme, OMG Oh My God! is also a treat for the musically inclined.
OMG Oh My God! Review Final Word
Without a doubt, OMG Oh My God! is worth a watch for humour as well as a dose of thought-provoking logic, not to mention the inimitable Paresh-Akshay jodi

'OMG Oh My God!' - Himesh does well in an unusual score

By Reflections, MovieTalkies.com, 27 August 2012 3 / 5

OMG Oh My God is the upcoming venture of Akshay Kumar and Paresh Rawal which has music by Himesh Reshammiya and a guest composition by Anjjan-Meet Brothers. It is interesting to see a different side of Himesh as he brings on some soulful music that is mainly about the almighty and His magic. Himesh's unique work makes it quite exclusive from the league of other contemporary soundtracks.

The album begins with the track Don't Worry (Hey Ram) in the vocals of Benny Dayal and Himesh Reshammiya. The background music adds a pinch of masti from the evergreen track Dum Maaro Dum [Hare Rama Hare Krishna]. The two tracks cannot be compared and are poles apart as this one is a pleasant experimentthat adds up a flavor of carefree life which is well penned with a mix of English words by Subrat Sinha. A modern avatar of prayer offerings, this one is a huge winner in the making.

The 'remix version' of this track is close to the original track with a mix of high note beats making it all the more vociferous. This version will certainly be able to enhance the splendor of discs and clubs.

Master of Sufi Kailash Kher adds rainbow of beautiful vocals in the track Mere Nishaan. This one is a soft track with a pleasant chorus in the background given by Anjjan - Meet Brothers. Lyricist Kumaar deserves an acknowledgement for his magnificent piece of work as he successfully brings to fore the predicament of the God who is helping today's thankless human beings. The musicalarrangements by guest composers Anjjan Meet - Brothers are really beautiful and aptly sketch the theme of the movie. It is an extremely mesmerizing number which would really do well in the movie.

Tu Hi Tu is a solo track sung by Mohd Irfan. This track begins with a gripping flute that catches up on beats gradually and paces on a fast track with high notes. This number very magnificently and rightly explains the presence andexistence of almighty within human heart. Himesh's composition is really appealing with a touch of rock element infused in it that will certainly grasp attention of the young listeners. Sameer's lyrics are good as always though the 'reprise version' is quite similar to the original with hardly any innovation to the original.

The 'unplugged' is a pliable edition which takes off with soft beats and is carried forward with a soulful play of flute, violin and piano, hence turning out to be immensely mesmerizing. This one is even better than the previous two adaptations of the same track, including the 'remix version' and invites one to close eyes and feel the presence of almighty around.

Go Go Govinda begins on high notes while skillfully using the shrill beats of drums to spice it up with the amazing vocals of Mika Singh and Shreya Ghoshal. Both artists have really complemented each other well which is also a strong forte of this already hit track. Theflow of enthusiasm in this track reminds of magic, masti and thrill of Janamashtmi and its Dahi Handi. Musical arrangements from Himesh are pleasant and exciting that really go well with the Govinda theme. Lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed are simple and straightforward, hence making the song all the more enjoyable. Ditto for the 'reprise' version which has Aman Trikha coming behind the mike.

Next to arrive is Hari Bol which is a solo composition in the vocals of Kirti Sagathia. This number is a folk based composition by Sachin-Jigar who have optimally utilized various shades of traditional Gujarati music. Altogether it is a nice experiment by the composer duo with Swanand Kirkire's lyrics going very well with the theme of this track.

The album is carried ahead with Oh My God (sound Track), a short enchantment of almighty lord by Zubeen Garg. Track is a pleasant gift for mind and soul that will make you sway in desire of God. Soul play of Flute is a rare gift which comes with the next track Krishna Theme. This is a magnificent classical jugalbandi of flute which also has a very soothing effect on the soul. A rare treat to enjoy!

Overall the album is an unusual experiment in itself with an already good response for Go Go Govinda. With rest of the songs making this score all the more rich and soulful lyrics adding on to the overall appeal, OMG  Oh My God is indeed one of the memorable albums in the offering from Himesh.

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Sekendar Hossain, Oct 03, 2012
4.5 / 5
It is no doubt a superb movie. Akshay Kumar and Parash Rawal acted brilliantly. It is minimum 1 time watchable movie. I watched this movie many times. Really you will also enjoy the movie.
Rohit King, Oct 02, 2012
5 / 5
Woohhooo Wat an Awsum movie......Really thanx for this Awsum movie.....this film deserves many awards more than barfi.......Really god is in our heart..........OMG OMG...Paresh acting was really awsum.......Really liked the movie so much........

OMG Oh My God! Comments

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'OMG - Oh My God!' is a courtroom comedy directed by Umesh Shukla. It is a remake of the 2001 Australian Film "The Man Who Sued God". The film features Paresh Rawal in the lead role, along with Akshay Kumar and Mithun Chakraborty in pivotal roles.The storyline is based on a Gujarati stage-play entitled Kanji Virudh Kanji.

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