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Dedh Ishqiya

Release Date : 10 January 2014
Year : 2014
Banner : Vishal Bhardwaj Pictures Pvt. Ltd. , Shemaroo Entertainment
Producer : Vishal Bhardwaj , Raman Maroo
Director :
Genre : Romance | Thriller
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Dedh Ishqiya Cast & Crew

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Dedh Ishqiya REVIEWS

Arshad Warsi All The Way

By Joginder Tuteja, MovieTalkies.com, 11 January 2014 3 / 5

Ok, so let me come straight to the point. If not for Arshad Warsi, Dedh Ishqiya wouldn't have been half as reasonably interesting as it eventually turns out to be. Of course the film has been in news for many other factors, most notably it being a sequel, bringing back the camaraderie of Naseeruddin Shah-Arshad Warsi and of course Madhuri Dixit Nene. However, as the film starts progressing and reaches its interval point, you know for sure that if it all it would manage to stand well till the very end of its two and a half hour duration, it would be because of Arshad.

This is what turns out to be the case as the core plot of the film turns out to be barely average. For all the hype around Dedh Ishqiya being a twisted affair with a cunning curve to it, the truth is that you can actually see the entire story unfold in your mind 30 minutes into the film. Yes, whether it is the anticipated twist, the characters involved in it, the motivation behind it all and the ultimate finale - somehow everything becomes apparent way too easily and way too early. In fact there aren't many red herrings thrown either which means if at all you actually involve yourself into the plot, the whole start to finish is right there in front of your eye.

Now for a film which is a sequel to a much better Ishqiya, which didn't just have a much better humour quotient to it but also a strong suspense (and revelation) angle thrown in, Dedh Ishqiya turns out to be a tad ordinary outing. So what is it that still manages to pull the film through? Well, some funny dialogues, a few interesting sequences (mainly centred on humour) and most importantly Arshad Warsi. He is the man who enlivens the proceedings practically every time he comes on screen. In fact he makes such a good impact in the very opening scene followed by his many encounters with Naseeruddin Shah and Huma Qureshi that you root for him to be back sooner than later.

However what one gets to see for a good part of the film is the romantic rendezvous between Naseeruddin Shah and Madhuri Dixit which, after a decent start, only ends up bringing lethargy into the narrative. The dance sequence featuring Madhuri, the interspersion that happens with the flashback (which just doesn't connect and even comes out of nowhere) and the lady's equation with Huma doesn't hold much water. It may appeal to those die-hard fans of the actress who has been around for quarter of a century but honestly, one has seen her in much stronger and well etched characterization.

If one thought that second half would be a major improvement over the first half then well, that too is just about manageable, especially due to the twist and the back story which is - as mentioned earlier - plain predictable. Thankfully, Arshad continues to perks up the scene, dialogues at places keeping the quirk going and another man making it all so worthy - Vijay Raaz. In one of the meatiest ever parts, he is just terrific and well under control. As a matter of fact, he could well have been placed in the film's posters as one of the five prime protagonists in there; his relevance to the plot as well as his performance is so much up there.

What one does remember eventually are some stand alone sequences that have a distinct touch to them, courtesy director Abhishek Chaubey. The deadlock that happens between Vijay Raaz's gang and Naseer-Arshad as they stay awake overnight instead of dropping guard, Arahad's constant leg pulling of Huma, every scene featuring Naseer-Arshad, constant narration of seven stages of love - there is good enough fun on the screen. Sadly, this is discounted by Naseer's extended lip synch song in the beginning, his never ending sequences with Madhuri, the whole separate episode that runs with Manoj Pahwa, especially latter's emergence in the end and the South cop who arrives out of nowhere.

These are the reasons why one man who comes out unscathed is Arshad Warsi. Watch it if his distinct quirk is what has brought smiles on your face in his many comic encounters.

Joginder Tuteja tweets@tutejajoginder

For Connoisseurs Of Classical Indian Music

By Nishevitha Vijayanand, MovieTalkies.com, 26 December 2013 2.5 / 5

It is indeed a season of sequels! After Krrish 3 & Dhoom 3 comes Dedh Ishqiya, a sequel to the critically acclaimed Ishqiya (2010) which sees Madhuri Dixit stepping into the shoes of Vidya Balan with Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi for company. The soundtrack of the original Ishqiya managed to win hearts with quite a few chartbusters like Ibn-E-Batuta and Dil to Baccha hai Ji. Therefore it is no wonder that Director Abhishek Chaubey has chosen to go ahead with his tried and tested winning combination of Vishal Bhardwaj and Gulzar for the music department. Naturally, expectations are quite high with the listeners looking forward to rustic yet heart-warming melodies from this soundtrack. Let us see what is in store for us.

Dil Ka Mizaaj Ishqiya opens the soundtrack and manages to warm the cockles of our heart right away. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan gives a superlative performance of this song which totally falls in his territory but it is Gulzar’s lyrics which literally steal the cake! Describing the finicky nature of the heart, the legend’s lyrics are sheer poetry and is sure to bring a smile on the listener’s face. Vishal Bhardwaj definitely scores with this track and it is surely a beautiful way to open this album.

Zabaan Jale Hai has a Ghazal feeling but the instrumentation in the song makes it sound more contemporary. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan takes centre-stage for the second time in this album and does not disappoint as usual. Gulzar scores yet again with his beautiful lyrics but it is Vishal’s composition which seems to be the Achilles Heel here. It is not that the music is not up to the mark. On the contrary, it is quite melodious but the pace is quite slow for it to have a repeat value. That apart the excellent use of strings is something which deserve a special mention. Overall, a classy song which might not find universal favor but magnificent nevertheless.

Hamari Atariya Pe is slowly gaining in popularity and rightly so. This classical mujra number vocalized by Rekha Bhardwaj is quite pleasing and is a perfect vehicle to showcase Madhuri’s dance moves. Very rarely do we see mujra numbers in recent Hindi films (the most recent one being Kaleja Hai Hazir from Rajjo), therefore it is needless to say that Vishal Bhardwaj with his real and rustic films provides the perfect backdrop for such classical numbers that remind one of the 70s and 80s era.

The Indianness is continued even in the next track of the album, Kya Hoga, a pleasing Qawalli which has vocals by Master Saleem, Shahid Mallya and Jazim Sharma. A classic Qawalli which makes use of all the traditional instruments like Tabla, Harmonium and other similar instruments coupled with the harmonious synchronization of the lead singers which helps only to elevate the beauty of this number, this one is sure to be relished by lovers of traditional music. Again not a popular fare but classy in its own way.

The final track in this album is the semi-classical Jagaave Saari Raina which again seems to be tailor-made for Rekha Bhardwaj’s vocals and Madhuri’s dancing skills. With an interlude from Pandit Birju Maharaj, no prizes for guessing that this is essentially a Kathak number and Panditji’s voice just adds sheer beauty to it.

Overall, the soundtrack of Dedh Ishqiya is on the same lines as was expected with Indianness oozing out of every single song from this album. Kudos to Vishal Bhardwaj and Director Abhishek Chaubey for not falling prey to the trend of having remixes for every other song in the album and staying true to the spirit of the film. Albeit not a commercial, people-friendly soundtrack, Dedh Ishqiya is an album which will surely be loved and patronized by connoisseurs of classical Indian music.

Our Picks: Dil Ka Mizaaj Ishqiya, Hamari Atariya Pe and Jagaave Saari Raina.

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Dedh Ishqiya directed by Abhishek Choubey would be Madhuri Dixit's first film that she signed after coming back from US.

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