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Sadda Adda

Release Date : 13 January 2012
Year : 2012
Presenter : Ramesh Agarwal
Producer : Rajiv Agrawal , Tarun Agarwal
Director :
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Coming Of Age Saga Sans Concrete Plot

By MovieTalkies.com, 11 January 2012 1.5 / 5

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 The last time a movie about room-mates dealing with their lives, which really connected with the youth was Pyaar Ka Punchnama. Though director Muazzam Beg tries to recreate the same magic with his Sadda Adda, the movie, though entertaining in some parts, fails to really impress.

A story revolving around six room-mates living in a Delhi flat, Sadda Adda goes on to show a glimpse in the lives of these six youngsters, who are staying away from their families to fulfill their personal dreams about career and success. Apart from Safal (Parimal Alok), a shudh Hindi speaking nerdy IAS aspirant, all five youngsters are a stereotypical fun loving, 'bird watching' and beer guzzling lot comprising Sameer Khanna (Karan Sharma), Jogi (Rohit Arora), Kabir Asthana (Kunal Panth), Irfan Habib (Bhaumik Sampat) and Rajat Hooda (Rohin Robert).

The director spends most of the first half showing the kind of lives they lead, without the story progressing whatsoever. It is just before the interval that Safal discovers he has failed in his Civil Services exams and commits suicide. However, this seems to have minimal impact on the lives of the other five, who after a brief period of mourning, go back to the way their lives were.

It is only in the second part, which drags on forever and ever that we see how the five youngsters tackle the various problems of life ranging from an insensitive girlfriend to unemployment to ego issues to drug addiction, finally emerging as winners in their own right and going their own ways before re-uniting at the end of the movie.

Though the movie is peppered with witty lines and humorous situations in the first part of the movie, there is no story as such to speak of. Like mentioned earlier, the first part of the film seems like a documentary in the lives of a bunch of youngsters staying away from their families. The director has touched on everything from their sloppy lifestyle to their attempts at wooing a girl to avoiding the landlord when he comes calling for rent, but because of a lack of a concrete plot, the film fails to grip the viewer.

The second half, which finally shows how the protagonists get a grip on life and tackle their respective issues is again quite predictable and elicits bored yawns-more so because the humour that was in some ways the saving grace of the first part of the movie is negligible in the second half.

Though the performances are strictly passable, the actors do manage to provoke laughter in some scenes with their comic timings and dialogue delivery. However, in the absence of a plot, there is a limit to the extent to which the characters can arrest the attention of moviegoers.

All in all, Sadda Adda remains one of those movies which can be seen with a bunch of friends when there really nothing better to do…however, be sure to go armed with just lots of popcorn and zero expectations.

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Aria Aric, Jan 04, 2012
4.5 / 5

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