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2 States

Release Date : 18 April 2014
Year : 2014
Banner : Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment , Dharma Productions , UTV Motion Pictures
Producer : Sajid Nadiadwala , Karan Johar
Director :
Genre : Drama
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The story is based on a 2009 novel written by Chetan Bhagat. It is the story of Krish, a Punjabi boy from Delhi and Ananya, a Tamil Brahmin from Chennai, who meet and fall in love at IIM Ahmedabad. The story is apparently based on Bhagat's real-life love story with wife Anusha. It revolves around the couple struggling to convince their parents for marriage, and succeeding in doing so. 

2 States REVIEWS

Kabhi Real, Kabhi Unreal

By Joginder Tuteja, MovieTalkies.com, 19 April 2014 3 / 5

A South Indian family gradually, but certainly, warming up to a guy who is love with their daughter - Real.

A North Indian Punjabi woman indulging in an extremely rude behavior at a lunch table - Unreal.

A young couple beginning to have a casual relationship, only to find themselves being serious about each other - Real.

A guest pulling up a spineless groom for his lack of self respect - Unreal.

It is a mix of some real, and some unreal episodes that make 2 States a film that has several interesting moments to keep the smiles on but then also traverses some territories that could have been either handled better, or perhaps best avoided. Of course it is clear that filmmaker Abhishek Varman had his heart in the right place for a debut feature film. However, he appears to have been carried away with the subject matter in hand and ended up writing so many scenes that he eventual just fell in love with them.

Frankly, the first one hour of the film is simply delightful. Arjun Kapoor getting all awkward about the presence of pretty girl Alia Bhatt in his life, the love story that develops, the song 'Locha-e-Ulfat', a brief glimpse or two of their respective parents being thrown in, a gradual attempt from Arjun so as to get into the good books of his prospective in-laws (Shiv Subrahmanyam, Revathy) - just about everything is brought to fore in good measure. You may not begin to clap, whistle or laugh out loud but there is a constant smile that stays.

[Spoilers ahead] In fact the journey towards the interval point is one of the best executed sequences (note the one where Arjun proposes marriage to Alia's entire family). However this is also the point where one's expectations further touches the roof. More so because after a rather somber South family, action shifts to Delhi with a feisty Amrita Singh leading from the front. However, and surprisingly, there isn't as much magic here as evidenced in the first half of the film.

On the contrary, what one gets to see is one insult after another being hurled by Amrita Singh on Alia's parents that becomes a little too much to handle after a while. Really, despite her character being projected as someone who is biased and opinionated but still large hearted (there is a back story justifying such behavior thrown in as well), it is difficult to digest the sheer choice of words used by her. Really, if not for the fact that Amrita Singh gave her all for the part and made it come across as believable as possible, quite a few of the written scenes would have perhaps fallen flat.

Amongst Top-10 Of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

By Nishevitha Vijayanand, MovieTalkies.com, 19 March 2014 3.5 / 5

Sajid Nadiadwala and Karan Johar come together for the first time to produce 2 States, a romantic comedy starring Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt and is based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel of the same name. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy return to the Dharma fold after a long pause with this film and are expected to create a musical dhamaka as has always been the case whenever they have collaborated with Karan Johar. Lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya joins this filmy party which is purported to celebrate the diversity as well as the similarities among two diametrically opposite cultures albeit in a light-hearted way.

The album starts on an upbeat note with Offo, a party track which has been vocalized by Aditi Singh Sharma and Amitabh Bhattacharya. Though nothing extraordinary, this vibrant and youthful number has a feel-good youthful vibe which will surely connect with today’s audience. The credit here should mainly go to both the lead singers whose exuberance and vivaciousness is quite contagious and will indeed put a smile on your faces.

The bagpipe has been put to optimum use in Locha-e-Ulfat which also happens to be the next track in this album. In fact this one reminds us of Banjaara from Ek Tha Tiger which was yet another song where the bagpipe was used with such exceptional results. Honestly, the infectious bagpipe hook is alone worth to put this track on a loop! Add to that Benny Dayal’s captivating vocals and what we have is a recipe for a surefire chartbuster!

Mast Magan is the kind of romantic duet one expects in a romantic film like 2 states and the music composer trio do not disappoint the listeners yet again. With the sugary sweet voices of Arijit Singh and Chinmayi Sripada adding to the delectability factor, Mast Magan with its cocktail of North as well as South Indian sounds is indeed an enjoyable musical cocktail. The Mridangam interlude is a stroke of genius from the musical trio and the way it has been seamlessly blended into the melody is absolutely wonderful and is sure to be appreciated by music lovers all over.

Iski Uski is a standard Dharma techno Punjabi dance track and has a template feel to it. Though energetically rendered by Shahid Mallya and Akriti Kakar, this number does not capture your interest as the previous tracks but is nevertheless alright. Amitabh Bhattacharya’s quirky Punjabi-English lyrics is quite endearing and increases the likeability quotient of the song. But, when compared with the other tracks, this one falls way short.

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Watch the trailer of '2 States', starring Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The film which is directed by Abhishek Varman and produced by Karan Johar and Sajid Nadiadwala, is a love story between two individuals from different casts and the pursuit of families to accept their marriage.

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