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Release Date : 30 November 2012
Year : 2012
Banner : Excel Entertainment , Aamir Khan Productions , Reliance Entertainment
Producer : Aamir Khan , Farhan Akhtar , Ritesh Sidhwani
Director :
Genre : Thriller | Suspense
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Aamir's Thrilling, Tragic Tale

By MovieTalkies.com, 30 November 2012 4 / 5

Talaash Movie Review-In Short
A cop's search for the truth in an investigation leads him to confront his own past and personal tragedy...

Talaash Movie Review-Verdict
Though Reema Kagti has come up with a great suspense thriller, one might feel at times that the plot should have been more taut and fast-paced...
Talaash Movie Review-Story Plot
Surjan Shekhawat (Aamir Khan) is a stoic cop, trying to deal with the death of his son in a boating accident, even as his wife Roshni (Rani Mukerji) tries to figure out how to save their marriage, which seems doomed due to the accident and its after-shocks, which has drawn the couple apart.
Meanwhile, there is a mysterious car accident in which actor Arman Kapoor (Vivan Bhatena) has died and no one can figure out what exactly was Kapoor doing on a deserted road late in the night and what caused the accident. As Surjan tries to unravel the mystery, he gets drawn to Rosie (Kareena kapoor), a street-smart and mysterious hooker, who seems to know more than she is telling. Thrown in the mix is Taimur (Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a hustler with plans to earn a big score.
How Surjan solves the case and also comes to terms with his son's death is something that watching the movie will disclose...
Talaash Movie Review- Performances
Aamir Khan might have played a cop in earlier movies like Baazi and Sarfarosh, but with Talaash, he comes up with an entirely different character than what he has played before. Aamir's Surjan is stoic, humour-less and guilt-ridden and yet, your heart will immediately go out to him, when he allows his sorrow to overwhelm him. Rani Mukerji as Roshni is completely believable as the loving wife, who has not only lost her son, but also seems in a danger of losing her husband, who behaves like a stranger with each passing day. Kareena Kapoor too dazzles as the mysterious Rosie, though she looks too glamorous to play a street-walker (maybe playing a 'high-class escort' would have been more convincing). Last but not the least, watch out for Nawazuddin, who plays the scheming Taimur and simply impresses you with his performance. His mannerisms, body language and diction is as believable as can be and offers a glimpse in the grim underbelly of Mumbai.
Talaash Movie Review- Direction
Without a doubt, Reema has come up with a winner in Talaash. The film has been shot well and the story is quite gripping. However, it is when Reema tries to juggle the two plots (the investigation and Khan's personal tragedy) that she fumbles slightly. For at times, the story veers towards and focuses on Aamir's tragedy for so long that one longs to return back to the investigation, which is surely more interesting and thrilling. No doubt that the director has effectively linked the two plots in the climax (which we don't want to reveal, for obvious reasons), but the part where she explores Khan's tragedy moves at a sluggish pace somewhat, specially if you go in with expectations of a taut, fast-paced thriller...There is a delicious twist at the climax, but an observant viewer might just be able to predict it.
Talaash Movie Review- Music
With songs like the dark Muskaanein jhoothi hai, jee le zara and the brooding hona hai kya, the music of Talaash is quite decent.
Talaash Movie Review-Final Word
The movie is definitely worth a watch for the suspense and the performances. However, the sluggish way the plot moves at times, might disappoint you somewhat.

Aamir, Ram And Javed Akhtar Get It Right

By Reflections, MovieTalkies.com, 22 October 2012 3 / 5

Majority of the listeners are biased when it comes to movies from the house of perfectionist Aamir Khan, more so if they have Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar added to the credits. Talaash has it all, there are a lot of expectations and it is pretty much for granted that it would have some good music. In any case, the movie has been in news for a lot of reasons and is definitely one of the most awaited this year. Finally the music has at least released. Ram Sampat of Satyamev Jayate and Delhi Belly fame is the chosen one to compose the music and as expected, Javed Akhtar has given the lyrics.

Album opens with Muskaanein Jhooti Hain rendered by Suman Sridhar in a soft and husky voice. Last year, she made a lot of head turn with her pop rendition of Hawa Hawai [Shaitan]. This time around she changes tracks from quirky to a dark and sexual rendition and in the process hits a jackpot. It's a track which would remind one of Asha Bhosle from the 60s, the time when cabarets used to rule and were pretty much in vogue. Ram's music and Javed Akhtar's lyrics create the same magic and the end result is awesome. To top it all, it is picturised on glamour queen Kareena Kapoor who definitely adds weight with her understated sensual and dramatic expressions.
 Ram has proved earlier that he is good in exploiting a singer's plus points, just like it was the case in his songs from Delhi Belly. Next track exemplifies the same with Vishal Dadlani rendered Jee Le Zara. It is a solo that starts slowly, however it gains momentum and reaches high pitch soon after. Vishal's husky voice makes the track special and worth listening to in repeat mode. Thankfully, it does reappear in a 'remix version'. Needless to say Javed saab's lyrics add to the track and beautify the rendition.
If one had forgotten Shubha Mudgal and her powerful singing, the song to come reminds the listener of her. Sona Mohapatra and Ravindra Upadhyay deliver this semi classical fusion Jeeya Lage Na. Ram exploits high points of the two singers and adds scintillating music to it, hence resulting in an end product which is a gem. It is very rare that one gets to hear such combination of classical with drumbeats and electronic sounds in harmony. Ram achieves the same and creates a promising outing.
The composer himself delivers the next brooding, dark track titled Hona Hai Kya. The track is very theme based as it portrays the subject of the movie in a simple and effortless manner. It's a kind of track that can be played in the background while enabling the story to move forward. This one actually makes a listener expect a thriller along with drama and suspense in the offering. Lyrics and the tone of the song are apt and carry the sentiments well.
Laakh Duniya Kahe rendered by Ram Sampat and Nisha Mascarenhas changes the mood of the album. It's a soft track which picks up pace with is aided by drum beats as it moves forward. It's a pleasant surprise once you realize that the singer is the same for the last song and the current track as Ram's versatility as a singer is demonstrated. However, the track is a little lengthy and listener might be tempted to move on sooner than later.
Overall, everything seems to be going right for the music of the movie. Ram Sampat had proved his appetite for experimentation and versatility through Delhi Belly and his aptitude in capturing the theme right through Satayamev Jayate. Here he has used the complete combination and has been able to hit the dart right in the centre. Javed Akhtar's lyrics give the right base and support for the gamut to be complete and become memorable. Now here is looking forward to the placement of these tracks in the film for a heightened impact.
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Talaash TRIVIA

Directed by Reema Kagti, 'Dhuan' is produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani of Excel Entertainment. 


Rachit Garg, Nov 30, 2012
4.5 / 5

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'Talaash' is a neo-noir mystery film directed by Reema Kagti and produced by Aamir Khan Productions.The movie stars Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji, and Kareena Kapoor in lead roles and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vivan Bhatena, Shernaz Patel and Raj Kumar Yadav in supporting roles.

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