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Release Date : 25 July 2014
Year : 2014
Banner : Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment , UTV Motion Pictures
Producer : Sajid Nadiadwala
Director :
Genre : Action | Romance
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Sajid Delivers More Than Just A Salman Khan Show

By Joginder Tuteja, MovieTalkies.com, 26 July 2014 4 / 5

Now this one gives a kick indeed! Of course it is a clichéd way to begin a review but then the word 'kick' I thrust so many times in the film, especially in the first half, that beyond making the point hard and strong, it also becomes a part of your vocabulary as a viewer. You don't mind that though since the very purpose behind the film for producer turned Sajid Nadiadwala is to give that solid kick, in a good way of course, to the audience which pretty much knows what to expect from the film.

Starting with Jacqueline Fernandez (who gets a lot to do in the film, especially in the first half) to Nawazuddin Siddiqui (who makes sure that he is loved every time he appears on the screen in the second half) to Randeep Hooda (who is the only consistent factor in the film other than Salman Khan right through the narrative), every one of them looks at Kick as that one hardcore mainstream film which has in it to make them all the more saleable when it comes to a commercial outing.

Thankfully, none of them depended on just the Salman power to take the film past that 100 crore milestone and mark their entry into that not-so-exclusive-anymore club. The game is that of 200 crore for the film and in that aspect, each of these actors can pretty much pat themselves on their back (and also send a note of thanks to their director) while contributing well to the overall run that Kick would enjoy.

No wonder, Randeep finds himself appearing on the screen much before Salman Khan makes his entry and then shares screen space with him at the interval point as well as the very last shot of the film. No mean feat for any actor, be it Randeep or someone relatively inexperienced, to be enjoying a good enough characterization when a film has Salman Khan written all over it. As a cop, the love-hate camaraderie that he shares is so much enjoyable that you like very interaction that the duo has and that too at every juncture with the scene reaching its crescendo till the last scene which is a riot by all means.

What is not really a riot are the first 30 minutes of the film that seem like a collage of Salman Khan's act from the likes of Dabangg, Ready, Ek Tha Tiger to anything and everything else that he has done since post-Wanted days. Frankly, even though it is entertaining in bits, one does wonder when would the real plot 'kick' in. Oh yes, there are a couple of mandatory smile-through action sequences, a song or two (which may well have been done away with), a comic scene or two and then the usual wooing of the heroine. Naah, you wanted something that indeed goes with the title and the wait becomes a tad longer.

This One Does Give A 'Kick'

By Joginder Tuteja, MovieTalkies.com, 14 July 2014 4 / 5

There are tremendous expectations from the music of Kick. After all, with a massy title like this and Salman Khan leading from the front, you expect nothing but a chartbuster score. Moreover, with Sajid Nadiadwala as the producer-director here, you do expect music to be of high quality, as has been in practically every film which has been made by him in the past. With Himesh Reshammiya, Meet Bros. Anjjan and Yo Yo Honey Singh chipping in with their respective songs and a horde of lyricists and singers coming together, you look forward to the kind of 'kick' that the album has to offer.

The album kick-starts with Jumme Ki Raat which has Himesh Reshammiya unleashing a catchy tune with the kind of beats that remind one of the kind that went along with the title track of Salman's own Bodyguard. A fun number which has sung with full power by Mika SinghJumme Ki Raat establishes once again that the singer is indeed hot in this genre of songs. Written by Kumaar and Shabbir Ahmed, the song also boasts of the kind of lyrics that are quick to recollect and are appealing across age groups. He gets good support from Palak Muchhal and together they are heard in the 'remix version' as well. Later, Salman Khan's version (along with the remix) is heard where the actor lets this side of his known well too. For diehard fans of Salman, this one does 'kick' in well!

Immediately, there is 'thehrav' in the album with Meet Bros Anjjan showcasing how they can bring on some romance in their composition if they wish. From Baby Doll  [Ragini MMS 2], there is quite some transformation that the composers bring in with Hangover which is one such number that would indeed go a long way and play much beyond the film's stay in theaters. They do a good job in getting Salman behind the mike and attaining good results. Moreover, despite the fact that a professional singer like Shreya Ghoshal - who is fantastic yet again - alongside him, Salman manages to impress his listeners. Kumaar's lyrics are soaked in love and while there is a 'remix' and an MBA Swag version with the composer trio coming behind the mike, you are hooked on to the original with Salman making it special indeed.

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