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Release Date : 21 October 2011
Year : 2011
Banner : United Colors Entertainment , C.K. Arts
Producer : Amrit Guzari , Raju Bhati , Ritesh Charodia
Director :
Genre : Comedy
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Sameer (Sam) & Anand (Andy) are childhood friends. Right from their school days & even in college, they studied together. Both were ahead in studies as well as in sports. They were also the champions when it came to girl-chasing. Infect they use to bet amongst themselves as to who will bed the best girl, but it never lead to any fighting between them. For them the meaning of love was sex! 

Then came two girls in their life- Anjali & Kiran. Sam & Andy both tried to flirt with them but the girls were smart. They told the guys that both are virgins & will offer their virginity to their husbands as a gift. Sam & Andy had to marry the girls under pressure. 
Post to their marriage the girls revealed that they knew about the guys' college activates & now Sam & Andy should lead their lives as dutiful husbands. 
The wives have become a problem for both of them. 
The wives plan their whole Bangkok trip for one month, right from the hotel booking to the menu for their breakfast, dinner and lunch. The credit/debit cards are kept with the wives and husbands are given only the pocket money. 
After facing all such troubles, they finally reach Bangkok and feel some freedom. On reaching the hotel they come to know the management is handled by Mr. Pandit who has made strict rules & regulations for the hotel staff and visitors. In other words, no matter what else happens in Bangkok, hotel will not allow anything illegal or immoral. 
Sam & Andy felt this is no better than back home with wives around and feel helpless. 
There they meet a beautiful sexy girl named Kavita, who calls herself Poem. Both of them get attracted to her & bet again as to who will get her in bed first. 
Both of them somehow succeed in befriending Poem but tell lies about Poem to each other. But somehow their wives also land up in Bangkok & what transpires next makes the film a sequence of comic events. What will Sam & Andy do now? Will their wives catch them red-handed and will they be thrown out of their father's businesses?

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'Be-Careful', An Appalling Affair!

By MovieTalkies.com, 22 October 2011 0.5 / 5

(Ratings: Poor * Average ** Good *** Very Good**** Excellent *****)

There are good films and there are bad films. And then, there are films like Be-Careful, which defy all explanation. Perhaps the director Chandrakant Singh was attempting a sex comedy, or a comedy about married life, or one around the age old 'men will be men' concept. Instead, what he has delivered in Be-Careful, is an abject tragedy, that is a terror to sit through.

One is using the word 'film' in its loosest sense, when describing Be-Careful. The film is actually a random set of sketches that takes us through the incoherent ramblings of writer Mohammed Salim, a plot about a couple of married guys taking a bachelor's trip to Bangkok, trying to pull a fast one behind their wives' backs. Only, instead of keeping it a one-track story, the film pulls in random women, fixers, a pandit and a dead body, a gag picked up lock-stock-and-barrel from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro. The end result is a crass and inexplicable pulp of events that take place without rhyme or reason.

One really has to wonder how much dough the film's producer, Amrit Dujari, is stashing away, to invest it in tripe such as this. Shot entirely in Bangkok, almost like a promo for the already well-promoted tourist destination, the film is a complete waste of money, both, that of the producers' and of the audience.
The film 'stars' Rajneesh Duggal, Tanisha Mukherjee, Kiran Rathore, Shilpi Sharma and newcomer Zaid Hamid, all of them uniformly grating on the nerves. The women here are present simply for skin-show, though why Tanisha and Kiran are at their haggardly best is beyond one. Rajneesh and Zaid are irritating, and though the latter is a newcomer, one suspects that with acting like this, he's bound to strike an early exit from the industry too.
The film saves the worst for the old hands, with actors like Rajpal Yadav, Johnny Lever, Sanjay Mishra and Shakti Kapoor, cast in terribly annoying roles. Rajpal is the worst abused of the lot, his Panditji character casting him in horrible light, undoing a reputation he's built in better roles.
The film's humour targets the lowest common denominator of the audience, trying to find laughs in cheap tricks and dirty double-entendres. The waiter with the terrible Nepali, ji-shaabji type accent and the play on Sanjay Mishra speaking in Thai, is the depth of the 'comedy' here.
Siddhartth Suhas' music provides no hope for the film, either, being the very definition of forgettable fare.
Perhaps, the film's title, Be-Careful, is a warning to audiences who might be planning to watch this film. If it isn't, in any case, let this review be one; watch this one at your own peril.

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