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Dabangg 2

Release Date : 21 December 2012
Year : 2012
Banner : Arbaaz Khan Productions
Producer : Arbaaz Khan , Malaika Arora Khan
Director :
Genre : Action | Drama | Social
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Dabangg 2 SYNOPSIS

Dabangg 2 is a continuation of the amazing exploits of Chulbul 'Robin Hood' Pandey played by Salman Khan. The notable facets of the character include his nonchalance, his wry sense of humor and his tongue-in-cheek dialogues.
This film begins with Chulbul (Now married to Rajjo- Sonkashi Sinha) moving on from being a local inspector in a small town Laalganj to becoming an Inspector-in-charge of Bajariya Thana, a police station in Kanpur, the largest and most populous city in Uttar Pradesh. After arriving in Kanpur, Chulbul immediately gets into action thus bringing him in conflict with Baccha Bhaiyya (Prakash Raj).
If Dabangg marked the return of action films, Dabangg 2 takes it to a higher level with some of the coolest action sequences ever conceived. All in all, Dabangg 2 promises to be a full on entertainer, with Chulbul Pandey and his sunglasses et al.

Dabangg 2 Cast & Crew

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Dabangg 2 REVIEWS

Robin Hood Pandey Is Here To Steal Hearts... AGAIN!!

By MovieTalkies.com, 21 December 2012 4 / 5

Dabangg 2 Movie Review - In Short
Inspector Chulbul Pandey gets transferred to Kanpur, where he has to face bigger challenges...

Dabangg 2 Movie Review - Verdict
Fantastic action, cool one-liners and the inimitable Salman swagger - a must watch for fans of the masala genre...
Dabangg 2 Movie Review - Story Plot
Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan), who is now married to Rajjo (Sonakshi Sinha) gets transferred to Kanpur, where he locks horns with Bachcha Singh (Prakash Raj) and his brothers Genda (Deepak Dobriyal) and Chunni (Nikitin Dheer). Meanwhile, dim-witted brother Makkhi (Arbaaz Khan) wants to make something of himself and is pestering Chulbul to recruit him in the police force..
Though Bachcha initially doesn't take Pandey seriously, he decides to go on the offensive when Pandey's 'take no prisoners' attitude affects him on a personal level. How Chulbul takes on the bad guys and also finds time to romance his Rajjo is something that the audience has to watch the movie to find out.
Dabangg 2 Movie Review -Performances
Salman is back to doing what he does best- bash up the bad guys and evoke whistles and cheers with his one-liners. The 'Tiger' of Bollywood did the same in Dabangg and he does it again with effortless ease. Sonakshi reprises her role as the loving wife Rajjo with ease, who seems to have mellowed down the maverick Chulbul. Vinod Khanna and Arbaaz Khan too manage to hold their own. However, Prakash Raj's character might give you a jolt of deja vu, as his Bachcha persona, though strong, reminds one of his Singham character to an extent. Deepak Dobriyal is good but one wishes he had more screen time in the film. Nikitin Dheer is physically impressive but the beefcake sure needs to work on his emoting skills.
Dabangg 2 Movie Review - Direction
This film might be Arbaaz Khan's directorial debut but he manages to do a great job. If masala fare is what you are looking for, Arbaaz delivers…and then some! Moreover, apart from giving the usual cool lines and the impressive action scenes, Arbaaz also makes it a point to explore the romance between Chulbul and Rajjo and their on-screen chemistry is quite sweet.
Dabangg 2 Movie Review -Music
The songs from the film, right from Pandey ji seeti to Dagabaaz re to Fevicol se are guaranteed to have Salman fans dancing in their seats. The songs have a real ‘desi tadka’ feel to them and are immensely enjoyable.
Dabangg 2 Movie Review -Final Word
If you are a fan of Salman and the masala genre, missing this flick would be sacrilege…


An Album Which Is Of The People, By The People And For The People

By Reflections, MovieTalkies.com, 20 November 2012 4 / 5

The undisputed King of Bollywood with four consecutive mega hits that have done 100 croresplus on box office is back to rock, shake and make the big screen more eventful with yet another celebration called Dabangg 2. The tried and tested combination of Salman and Sajid-Wajid coming together needs no further introduction as this is another feather in their colorful cap. The duo is a proven power when it comes to music and with accomplished names like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,Shreya Ghoshal, Sameer, Sonu Nigam, Mamta Sharma, Irfan Kamal, Jalees Sherwani and Sukhwinder Singh coming together, you know that this one would be yet another successful endeavor.


The album starts in the divine vocals of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, accompanied by majestic voices of Shreya Ghoshal and Shadaab Faridi in the track Dagabaaz Re. This composition of Sajid-Wajid along with amazing lyrics from Sameer have not turned Dagabaaz to its listeners expectations as it paints a perfect picture of beautiful eyes that has been celebrated with festivity of Tabla and Sitar. The track gives a feel of classical number which will leave listeners spell bound as it seems to be an obvious extension of Tere Mast Mast Do Nain from Dabangg. The magic of rich instrumental music makes this track even more enjoyable.


Each album has a track that connects with masses and leaves a long lasting impression that actually makes the movie popular. Here the album tries the same with the track Pandeyjee Seeti, hence reminding of Pandeyjee, Salman Khan's interesting character in Dabangg, his valuable police station and its tribute to U.P and Bihar. All of this has been accomplished well through interesting lyrics by Jalees Sherwani as parts of the track also remind of Chalat Musafir Moh Liya Re Pinjare Wali Muniya from Teesri Kasam. Singers Wajid, Mamta Sharma and Shreya Ghoshal have left no stone unturned to make the track notonly look interesting but also a good foot tapping number. The track also has a 'remix version' that has been experimented with a bit unusual beats at the start and as the track picks up its pace, it ensures that audiences dance along.


One remembers the interesting advertisements of Fevicol and the next track, Fevicol Se, will refresh those memories. If Zandu Balm (from Dabangg) was to fix headache of Salman bhai caused by Makhi and Chadhi Singh then 'Fevicol' is to fix his broken heart. Sensual voices of Mamta Sharma and Wajid accompanied by Keerthi Sagathia, Uvie and Shadaab Faridi create this charismatic item number. Lyricists Sajid, Wajid and Ashraf Ali have used interesting words and slangs to make this track even more interesting. So, listen to it and 'jhoom' along. The track also has a 'remix version' that comes with added 'masala'.


The album would have been incomplete without a romantic number and that has come up well in the next track Saanson Ne. The pleasure of melody in this track has increased many-fold as Sonu Nigam, the King of Romance, lightens up the track with his vocals that are very well accompanied by Tulsi Kumar, hence reminding one of the melodious era of 90s.The track calms you down, invites you to close your eyes and makes you reach a wonderland where you can dance and sing with the one whom you love and live for. Poetic lyrics by Irfan Kamal further enhance the feeling of romance as Sajid-Wajid inch close to a perfect album.


While listening to Dabangg 2, one obviously remembers the sound of 'Dabanng' that stole our hearts and turned out to be year's biggest blockbuster. The concluding track in the album, 'Dabangg Reloaded', only ends up refreshing those memories. Hud Hud Dabangg not only recreates the magic but also takes it to another level. The energetic vocals of Sukhwinder Singh are full of life and he puts all his energy here.


Overall, this complete album is a packaged blockbuster with all five tracks being equally interesting and appealing. While Dagabaaz Re and Sanson Ne are melodious gifts then Pandeyjee Seeti and Fevicol Se are actual crowd pullers. An album which is truly of the people, by the people and for the people.


So keep listening and enjoy!

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Dabangg 2 TRIVIA

For the first time in the history of Bollywood, that all the shooting floors of Kamalistan Studios was completely booked for Salman Khan starer Dabangg 2.


jitesh kumar, Dec 25, 2012
5 / 5
outstanding salman rock nice movie . nice comedy . nice story . superb direction and songs. full time 5 to 10 time watchable in cinemas... awesome acting by salmania. love my darling
super biggest blockbuster
Sameer Ahmed, Dec 21, 2012
5 / 5
its super duper blockbuster

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Chulbul Pandey is back in Action. This time with more romance, moves & style. Check out the official theatrical trailer of 'Dabangg 2' - A sequel to 'Dabangg' featuring Salman Khan & Sonakshi Sinha in the lead roles. Dabangg 2 is directed by Arbaaz Khan & produced by Malaika Arora Khan & Arbaaz Khan.

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