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Release Date : 19 November 2010
Year : 2010
Banner : UTV Motion Pictures , SLB Films
Producer : Ronnie Screwvala , Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Director :
Genre : Romance | Social
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Guzaarish SYNOPSIS

The verdant green landscape, the magnetic blue waters and the warm bright sunshine of beautiful Goa is home to one of the greatest magicians of his time, Ethan Mascarenhas. Presently hosting a Radio Show that spreads magic and hope and laughter through his irrepressible wit and humor to every listener and caller, it is difficult to imagine that this is a man who has been immobilized with a spinal injury for the last fourteen years of his life. Ethan is aided through every moment of his present life by the epicenter of his world his Nurse, Sofia D'Souza. Theirs is a love beautiful in its implicit silence, unwavering in its quiet strength and spirited in their constant verbal sparring. On the fourteenth anniversary of his accident, Ethan decides to seek control over his own life. He makes a petition to the Court that shocks the world and leaves Sofia in an impasse that challenges their relationship and their love. Alongside all the tumult that follows, a young man named Omar Siddiqui bursts into Ethan's world with a single minded desire to learn magic from the very best. While on one hand Ethan passes on his magical legacy, on the other, he fights tooth and nail to demand the most basic right that every human being is entitled to the right to his own life. The ethics, the morality, the kindness and cruelty of this mission creates a storm in all the lives that it envelops and its resolution forms the startling conclusion of Ethan's remarkable journey.

Guzaarish Cast & Crew

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Guzaarish REVIEWS

Guzaarish: Two Magical!

By MovieTalkies.com, 19 November 2010 4 / 5

Savour some magic cinematically. And quite first rate at that. Sanjay Leela Bhansali may have been inspired by 'The Sea Inside', a 2004 movie starring Javier Bardem, but that takes away nothing from his 'Guzaarish'. It is an exquisite piece of cinema, the images of which linger in one's mind long after the movie is over. The Bhansali touch is all over the movie and one senses a timeless and ageless quality about the movie, set as it is in a dilapidated Victorian manor somewhere in Goa. But that is just a part of the ambience. The blazing fire in Hrithik Roshan's eyes as the quadriplegic protagonist, Ethan Mascarenhas is another strong, lingering image from the movie. In all, with this movie, Bhansali seems to have set to rest the ghosts of a failed 'Saawariya'. He can rightfully bask in the glory of this 'Guzaarish'. 'Guzaarish' is the story of Ethan Mascarenhas (Hrithik), a magician, who has been reduced to living the life of a quadriplegic due to a freak accident 14 years ago. Chained to his lonely manor, he nevertheless continues to live out a life full of hope, courage and a sense of humour, all thanks to his nurse cum caretaker cum friend, Sofia D'Souza (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan), his best friend and lawyer Devyani Dutta (Shernaz Patel), and his doctor, Nitin Naik (Suhel Seth). He has his own radio station, from where he continues to dole out hope to millions. But after 14 years of suffering, he cannot take it anymore and decides to file a plea for mercy killing or euthanasia. He manages to persuade Devyani to file the petition for him, but Sofia is not able to accept the fact that one day, her beloved patient would no longer be around. He is as much her source of emotional sustenance, as she is his. Despite opposition from all sides, Ethan is set on the idea of ending it all. Into this little world of Ethan, Sophia, Naik and Devyani, comes Omar Siddique, a young wannabe magician, who wants to learn Ethan's magical tricks. Despite the fact that the film talks of euthanasis, at no point in the narrative does it ever become morbid. On the contrary, the film seems to make a plea about loving and living. Even Ethan, who is paralysed and cannot even move a finger, is constantly giving hope to others. The final scene, when he finally decides to take the plunge with the help of Sofia, has a celebratory mood, tinged with just that right amount of sadness, as one would feel at the departure of a friend. That Hrithik is a powerhouse of talent is a known and accepted fact. But the actor seems to transcend all boundaries as he gets into the skin of Ethan's character of a quadriplegic, looks and acts the part to perfection. As the angst ridden Ethan, he has the task of conveying everything with his eyes and he does it marvellously, as every emotion, be it helplessness, despair, joy, anger or love is portrayed vividly by him. It is certainly to date one of Hrithik's toughest roles and one can hardly imagine any other actor carrying it off with so much flair and seeming ease. 'Guzaarish would certainly count as being among his best performance to date. He is brilliantly supported by Ash, who has a pretty challenging role on her hands as well. Theirs, Ethan and Sofia's love story, is hardly conventional and it would certainly not have been an easy role to essay. But Ash carries it off with aplomb, balancing the strength and vulnerability of Sofia's character brilliantly. The supporting cast of Shernaz Patel, Suhel Seth and Nafisa Ali (Ethan's mother) are equally creditable. Model Monikangana Dutta makes too brief an appearance to make much of an impression. The only discordant note is sounded by Aditya Roy Kapoor as Omar. Somehow his character never seems to fit into Ethan's world, or maybe the problem lies with the manner in which the role is portrayed. In either case, this is a disappointing outing for Aditya, who had made quite an impression with his last release, 'Action Replayy'. The film has been shot exquisitely there is really no other word to describe cinematographer Sudeep Chatterjee's work in this movie. 'Guzaarish' sees a flawless blending of technique with content. Its languorous pace denoting how time has stopped still in the mansion, for Ethan. The dialogues by Vibhu Puri and Bhavani Iyer are natural and economical, yet managing to convey a world of thoughts and ideas. The film's music by Bhansali is perfectly married into the form and content of the movie too. Except probably for 'udi', none of the others are truly full blown songs, but more like ruminations and reminences by the character, especially Kunal Ganjawala's 'sau gram zindagi'. The parts of the film dealing with Ethan in his days as a magician are quite thrilling to watch. In all, 'Guzaarish' remains with you a magical experience created by Bhansali. Hats off to him!

Guzaarish: Poetic Crescendo

By MovieTalkies.com, 16 November 2010 3.5 / 5

'Guzaarish' is a much awaited film for many reasons. One of them naturally being that Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan come together once more on screen, making this their third film together after 'Dhoom 2' and 'Jodhaa Akbar'. The second reason, equally significant, is that director Sanjay Leela Bhansali jumps into the fray as a composer with this movie. Of course, Bhansali has always had a keen sense of music but this time he comes to the fore with his musical contribution. There are ten original tracks in this album which have been penned by Turaz and Vibhu Puri. Thankfully, there are no remixes in this album. The album opens with the title track, 'guzaarish', which has been written by Turaz and sung by KK and Shail Hada. The track opens with the sound of raindrops and then KK's voice makes its appearance and enthralls one. The number has a haunting feel to it. This quality is further enhanced with the emotional drama which seems to be playing out in the background. It serves as a great beginning to the album and also serves as a precursor of things to come. The second number, 'sau gram zindagi' written by Puri and sung by Kunal Ganjawala is an extremely beautiful track. Finally, someone has really exploited Ganjawala's vocal prowess to its hilt. One has generally heard him sing songs of little consequence, but this number finally does justice to his talent. There is a minimum of musical instruments in this soft, melodious number, with full emphasis on the vocals and Ganjawala's soft pitched husky vocals really raise the pitch of this simple and philosophical number. The next number, 'tera zikr' has been written by Turaz and sung by Hada and Rakesh Pandit. This is a wonderful love song with a beautiful softness to it which makes it such a pleasure to hear. The fourth number on this album is 'saiba' which has been sung by Vibhavari Joshi., Francois Castellino and Hada with the lyrics being penned by Puri. The song has a Portuguese touch to it. Female vocalist Joshi takes centresatge in this number, which is a lovely song of love and yearning. Joshi manages to bring out the emotional content of the song beautifully. The next number on the album sees KK coming in to sing 'jaane kiske khwaab' which has been penned by Turaz. This number too has a lovely haunting quality to it which is brought out brilliantly by the combination of KK's vocals, Bhansali's music and Turaz's words. 'Udi' is the next number which has been sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Hada, with Turaz chipping in with the lyrics. This song shows a lot more exuberance then any of the other numbers which seem more like private ruminations or dialogues. This one is definitely a number which works more on the outside and is not so much about the inner world of the individual. Sunidhi is a very good choice for this energetic number which is extremely likeable though not in the same manner or degree as the ones preceeding it. The haunting quality is back with the next number, 'keh na saku' which has been written by Puri and sung by Hada, who finally gets his solo turn in the album. A love song, it has a refreshingly different vocabulary which adds to its novelty. Hada acquits himself very well with the number, especially in the manner in which he moulds his voice to suit the needs of the song. The eight track on the album is 'chand ki katori' which has been written by Puri and has been sung exquisitely by Harshdeep Kaur. If the sheer poetic magic of the words don't hook one, then Kaur's vocals will do so. The haunting, wistful quality of the music is what stays behind long after the number is over. KK sings his third number in the album, 'daayein baayein' which has been written by Turaz. A love song it has been sung very well indeed, but lacks the magic of the earlier numbers. Shankar Mahdevan comes in to sing the final track of the album called 'dhundli dhundli', penned by Turaz. It feels a little similar to some of the numbers which have come earlier, but one forgets that very quickly as he gets into the song and draws his listeners in. Bhansali gives Mahadevan a beautiful number to sing and the singer makes the best use of his superbely trained voice to do full justice to this number, which is all about yearning and longing, easily overshadowing everything that went before. A lot of great filmmakers like the late Raj Kapoor had a great ear and understanding of music and have been the inspiration behind many great scores. Bhansali too has always had an active role to play in the music of all his films and this time round he decides to take the plunge and compose the music himself. First things first, he does a great job with the music of 'Guzaarish,' his selection of lyrics and singers is absolutely impeccable. Numbers like. 'guzaarish', 'sau gram zindagi', 'udi', 'chand ki katori' and 'dhundli dhundli' are especially outstanding in all departments. The other great thing about the music is the attempt that Bhansali has made to give the music a similar kind of feel and sound, thus ensuring that each number kind of leads into the next. The numbers are also not like the usual Hindi film songs, in fact they are not like full blown songs in themselves, but like poetic fragments of life. This is probably an album which may not throw up a chartbuster, but it is definitely an album which needs to be savoured and heard many times over.
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