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Aloo Chaat

Release Date : 20 March 2009
Year : 2009
Banner : Maverick Productions , Mirchi Movies Limited
Producer : Anuj Saxena , A. P. Parigi , Gary S
Director :
Genre : Comedy
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What do you do when your entire family is against the bride of your choice? Do you replace your family? Or do you replace the bride? Or do you make an aloo-chaat of your life? Aloo Chaat the film, is rich in masala - with plots within sub-plots, with wisecracks dripping endlessly like that tangy chutney, and is a treat that you don’t want to miss. It tickles you, shakes you, rattles you, gags you as it takes you through the narrow lanes and equally narrow minds of orthodox Delhi parents, to a wider world of love and romance, and an unexpected twist in the tale...

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The Masala is Just Right!

By MovieTalkies.com, 20 March 2009 3 / 5

The film is just like its title, delightful, with just the right amount of mirch and masala. The film's storyline is simple, and has been excellently executed, very well written and very well acted as well. This film by Robby Grewal makes for a perfect tea time snack, just like its title. Aloo Chat is one of those films, where the romantic leads, in this case, Aftab Shivdasani and Aamna Sharif, are not really the main leads of the movie, even though they are the main focus of the plot. The lead characters are really the supporting cast, which consists of Kulhushan Kharbanda, Manoj Pahwa and Sanjay Mishra. It is this trio, supported by some really witty and at times naughty dialogues, which forms the main crux of the movie. The film's plotline is simple. The America returned Aftab Shivdasani throws his family into total confusion when he tells them that he wants to marry an American. His is a typical middleclass Punjabi family, living in Delhi's Lajpat Nagar. The family is ruled by his very strict and disciplinarian dad, played by Kharbanda. Aftab's character has actually lost his heart to a Muslim girl, played by Aamna, who despite living in the US, is very Indian and traditional. But knowing that his orthodox family will never accept a Muslim as a daughter in law, he hatches a plot with the help of a family friend, who is a sexologist called Hakim Tarachand (Pahwa). In fact, it is Tarachand who decides on a plan straight out of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, where the Muslim girl is expected to come into the family as the friend of the American bride to be, and win the hearts of everyone. Matters gets very complicated due to the meddling of Aftab's uncle, played by Sanjay Mishra, but all ends well as it should be. There is a lot of spoof on what the West, and specially America, means to someone from India, with the typical cliches of bikini babes, multiple marriages and divorces etc. So the director does bring in the East vs the West debate, which is another age old Hindi film cliché, but since the treatment is light, one goes with the clichés. In fact, everything in the movie, beginning from Pahwa's one-liners, Khrabanda's experessions and Mishra's muddling, is only engineered to make one laugh, which one does, quite heartily, all through. Thankfully, Grewal manages to make a film, which is pure and unadulterated fun. He does not make the mistake of meddling with the simple recipe of the good old aloo chat, hence, the film really goes down well. Even though Aftab and Aamna do not have much to do, they look good on screen together and separately, as well. In fact, it would have been nice to have seen a little more of Aftab, who has a good sense of comedy as well. He reveals part of that in this movie in the few opportunities that he gets. Aamna is good looking but Aloo Chat is not really a test of her acting skills. Linda Arsenio does a good caricature of an American as seen through the eyes of a middleclass Indian male. But the true honours in this movie belong to Pahwa, Mishra and Kharbanda. They are the real characters to lift the movie and take it forward. Pahwa is at his best as the sexologist, who has clients ranging from a Punjabi rockstar to a pandit. He is the mastermind of the entire plan to help the lovers unite. His one liners are to die for and the actor has his craft down to perfection. He is brilliantly supported by the veteran Kharbanda, who is turns in an immaculate performance as the authoritarian, stern father. Mishra as the bumbling and mischief making uncle is another brilliant cameo by this versatile actor. And one cannot but mention, the two actors who play the aloo chat vendors in the movie. They act as a chorus, but a very hilarious one at that, as they comment on the goings on in the movie. Aftab and Aamna may be the 'aloo' in the movie, but the 'chat' factor in the film, which brings it all together and imparts the spice, are definitely the film's dialogues and its actors. Kudos to the director for making an entertaining, light hearted movie, with a message of unity and secularism tucked in at the end. Good fun.

It is Sweet and Tangy

By MovieTalkies.com, 18 March 2009 3 / 5

With a name like Aloo Chaat, one expects a spicy musical treat. Thankfully one is not let down by the musical composers of this movie. Director Robby Grewal's Aloo Chaat, which stars Aftab Shivdasani and Aamna Shariff, has not just one composer but four of them, coming together to create a score which is high on rhythm and entertainment. The film's music has been composed by RDB, Xulfi, Vipin Mishra and Mehfuz Mahruf. RDB takes the first lead with the title track, 'Aloo Chaat.' This is a number which has all the potential to top the charts. It is a number which hooks the listener from the word go. Aiding that is the high voltage rendition by RDB, joined by Smooth and Nindy Kaur. In fact, it is Nindy's unconventional vocals which really give the song that X factor. There is another version of the 'Aloo Chaat' number, which has been composed by Vipin Mishra. This is more of a fun track which also appears in a remix (DJ Moody and DJ Imti) version later. Kailash Kher lends his voice to both these versions and does an excellent job of it. He manages to impart a kind of rustic appeal to the song, which is quite appealing. It seems that the composers cannot get enough of Aloo Chaat and there is yet another song with 'Aloo Chaat' in it. Sung by Kunal Ganjawala, this is yet another fun track called 'Life Is A Sizzling Aloo Chaat.' Ganjawala can be trusted to do full justice to the demands of the number and he does not let one down. He is quite bang on target in this number which has been composed by Mehfuz Mahruf, with lyrics by Syed Gulrez. The song has the protagonist talk about the love of his life in a very effective yet simple manner. The simplicity is evident in the choice of words by the lyricist. The makers of this film also succumb to the charms of the Punjab with the number called 'Boliyaan'.' This is another very entertaining number, which is authentic Punjabi, full of robust energy. It is the kind of number that is bound to have one hitting the dance floor. It is bound to do well at weddings. The number has been written, composed and sung by RDB, with Nindy Kaur joining in. The song has a second version as well, which is just as charming as the first. Both versions have different lyrics and music. Xulfi of the Pakistani band Call, makes his entry into the album with the number 'Dhadke Jiya,' which has been written, composed and sung by him. This song is slightly different from the rest of the numbers that went before it as it is high on melody and not just entertainment. This is the quintessential romantic number of the album and the lyrics are quite appropriate. Since it is a soft number, Xulfi is able to give full play to his vocal prowess. This song too has a remixed version which has DJ Moody and DJ Imti showcasing their talent in keeping the melodic content of the song intact. Aloo Chaat's music turns out to be quite entertaining. All the numbers, with the exception of 'Dhadke Jiya' are numbers where the fun quotient is very high. The sound of this album is young, boisterous and entertaining. The title track should definitely catch on and climb the charts. With a name like Aloo Chaat, the music can best be described as sweet and tangy.
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full comedy
4 / 5
this film is very good. it is full of comedy. aftab's acting was amazing
Super Flop
parag goswami, Feb 24, 2009
1 / 5
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