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Hello Darling

Release Date : 27 August 2010
Year : 2010
Banner : Mukta Arts
Presenter : Malpix Films
Producer : Ashok Ghai
Director :
Genre : Sex Comedy
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Hello Darling SYNOPSIS

Three beautiful women teaming up together to take on their lustful womanizing boss in a hilarious series of events which in the end prove that Women Will Rule! is the premise of 'Hello Darling', a light comedy starring Gul Panaag, Eesha Koppikhar and Celina Jaitly as the three women and Jaaved Jaffrey as the boss. The film also stars Divya Dutta, Seema Biswas and  Chunky Pandey. 'Hello Darling' is presented by Malpix Films for Subhash Ghai's Mukta Arts Ltd., produced by Ashok Ghai and directed by Manoj Tiwari. The film has music by Pritam, lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed, Kumaar and Ashish Pandit, choreography by Raju Khan, Remo, Pony Verma and Ritchie Raka, photography by Ravi Yadav, and is written by Pankaj and Sachin who wrote the blockbuster comedies 'Apna Sapna Money Money' and 'Kya Kool Hain Hum.' The film's soundtrack is on T Series and the film is set to hit theatres worldwide soon.

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No Laughs Land!

By MovieTalkies.com, 28 August 2010 1.5 / 5

Director Manoj Tiwari makes his debut with 'Hello Darling' and really there is not much to cheer about in the movie. He makes his debut with a comedy which fails to evoke much laughter because it is a badly written movie. Unfortunately, in recent years, the trend has been to think of any kind of buffoonery or vulgarity as comic, which is a great tragedy. Most Bollywood filmmakers resort to juvenile jokes or double entendres and pass that of as comedy. In this movie, the director picks up a subject which is quite serious, that of sexual harassment at work and tries to make light of it. Unfortunately, all he ends up doing is make a mockery of the whole issue. If he so wished, he could have made a sex comedy, but the problem is that he decides to stay on no man's land and the result is a film which is a half baked attempt. The film's story revolves around the life of three working women, Candy (Celina Jaitley), Mansi (Gul Panang) and Satyavati (Eesha Koppikar), who work for a pervert of a boss, called Hardick (Javed Jaffrey). He leaves no opportunity to harass them with his lewd comments or his behaviour. The three women, who belong to different backgrounds, bond on this issue and form a team against him. His devoted wife, played by Divya Dutta, refuses to believe that her husband is a playboy. The three females thus resort to all kinds of bizarre methods to tame their boss. The result is not really funny most of the time. What is really disappointing is that the writers, Pankaj Trivedi and Sachin Shah, who had earlier collaborated on the hit comedy, 'Kya Kool Hain Hum', fail to come up with a script that works this time round. The jokes are mostly tasteless and the situations quite bizarre. Frankly, this so called comedy resorts to just too many double meaning dialogues to evoke laughter, with a total absence of wit and humour. It's not that the writers do not get it right at all; they do, but it is only in few bits and places, like for instance the Seema Biswas track. But beyond a point, it seems to be too forced. One really wonders what an actress of the calibre of Biswas is doing in this movie. The film still manages to hold one's attention in the first half, as it manages to remain coherent and sane. But the second of the movie drags. Incidentally, Biswas is not the only surprise here, the other surprise package comes in the form of Sunny Deol, who makes a very brief appearance as the boss, who transfers Hardick to Bangladesh after hearing reports of his errant behaviour. One has to admit, however, that the actors take themselves and their roles seriously and seem to put in a very sincere effort. Jaffrey is always a treat to watch and is a wonderful actor. He has little need to prove that fact but a lot of need of roles which will help him display that talent. Unfortunately, for him, this is not one of them. But having said so, he seems to get into the skin of his character and plays the disgusting, lewd boss quite well indeed. He is very well supported by Gul, who also delivers a sincere performance. Celina and Eesha are competent. Divya Dutta's Gujju housewife, however, seems a tad stale. As for the rest of the cast, Vrajesh Hirjee and Mukesh Tiwari could have done with a better written role. Biswas is just about okay while Sunny is his usual stoic self. The film's music has been composed by Pritam and the score is nothing to write home about. It is just about passable, like the movie itself. The camera for the movie has been handled by Ravi Yadav and is passable too. 'Hello Darling' fails to enthuse and cannot boast of raising more than a few laughs. Little sad that!
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