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Raaz - The Mystery Continues...

Release Date : 23 January 2009
Year : 2009
Banner : Vishesh Films , Sony BMG
Producer : Mukesh Bhatt
Director :
Genre : Horror | Thriller
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Raaz - The Mystery Continues... SYNOPSIS

A brooding artist Prithvi, experiences mysterious & distressing visions about Nandita, a woman he has never met, which he paints on canvas. Intrigued by these visions, Prithvi tracks her down and warns her that these are not merely paintings of her, but accidents waiting to happen! At first, Nandita refuses to believe him and dismisses him as an eccentric stalker. However, the striking resemblance between Prithvi’s paintings and the near-death incidents in her life is hard to ignore. Haunted by a series of deathly and paranormal experiences, her reason crumbles in the face of fear. Now, one of Prithvi’s paintings has revealed her as dead! The only way she can change her fate, is to unravel this mystery with his help, at the risk of alienating herself from her boyfriend, Yash, a rational and logical man who refuses to believe in Prithvi’s premonitions. Will Nandita risk her love and her life to unravel this mystery? Is there no escape? Are some mysteries better left unsolved, some secrets left uncovered and some questions left unanswered? Watch the mystery unfold…

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It has the Right Blend of Horror, Suspense and Mystery

By MovieTalkies, 23 January 2009 3.5 / 5

The Bhatts live up to their promise and deliver an interesting film in 'Raaz-The Mystery Continues.' Director Mohit Suri, who is credited with the story of the film, along with Shagufta Rafique, comes up with a film that works. Hindi films have never really scored high on the horror quotient, but this film, without really breaking any new ground, has its moments which have been well crafted. The premise is supported by some very credible acting by the film's protagonists, Kangana Ranaut, Emraan Hashmi and Adhyayan Suman. Another plus for the film is its music, which is lilting and has some very good numbers, which have been picturised quite effectively. Just like human beings love to cry and laugh in the theatres, they also love being spooked. Ram Gopal Verma knows this well and he made a killing with films like Bhoot and Phoonk. Taking a leaf out of that same book, Vishesh Films have come up with a film which has many such uncanny moments. The best thing about the movie is that it has an interesting story and it has been played out well in the screenplay. However, where Suri stumbles is really towards the end. He is unable to wrap the film up satisfactorily. But where he has excelled in, is the manner in which he has laid out premise of the film. He builds the atmosphere very skillfully as the protagonist encounters the unnatural in incident after incident. The film engages you from the beginning itself and draws you into the plausibility of there being 'something out there', which is not all benign. The film's story is about an artist Prithvi (Emraan Hashmi), who is plagued by some very disturbing visions. He sees a woman, who we later know as Nandita (Kangana), a woman he has never met before, and sees her in all kinds of disturbing situations. He does not stop at just painting these visions on his canvas but goes ahead and tracks her down, propelled by a feeling that the visions are nothing but signs of what lies in store for her. He feels impelled to warn her about these accidents, which are going to happen to her. Nandita does not believe him in the beginning, but gradually the truth of what he was saying starts dawning on her. Strange, scary things happen to her, which are uncannily, exactly like what Prithvi has already painted on his canvas. To top it, his latest painting shows her as dead. Nandita's boyfriend, Yash, does not believe in the supernatural and dismisses Prithvi's visions. Nandita is faced with a dilemma as she has the option of allowing the uncanny and scary incidents to continue or fight for her life, with Prithvi's help. The director has done a good job with the movie and it will probably rank as one of Mohit Suri 's better films. Except for the end, one would say that he has directed the movie with a lot of confidence. The camerawork of the film by Ravi Walia is good and so is the editing. The film moves at a very good pace and the scary quotient has been well done, with going over the top. Where the actors are concerned, Kanagana Ranaut scores yet again. Her fragile beauty works very well for the character as does her histrionic ability. She is quite the scene stealer here, as she was in her last film, Madhur Bhandarkar's Fashion. She is well supported by Emraan Hashmi, who shows that he is quite adept in the art of acting as well. The film actually belongs to the two of them and they both play true to their roles. As for Adhyayan Suman, he makes his presence felt as Nandita's boyfriend, Yash. These are early days, but the actor shows promise. Jackie Shroff makes one of his rare appearances in a bit role, which is a letdown.

Singers Have a Field Day in This Melodious Album

By MovieTalkies, 19 January 2009 3.5 / 5

The music of Raaz The Mystery Continues, like the music of most films produced by the Bhatt Brothers Mahesh & Mukesh has enough in it to lure lovers of music. This album is no exception. The makers of the film keep their faith in three music composers for this album, Raju Singh, Pranay M Rijia and Tarbi Toshi. The lyrics have mostly been written by Bhatt favourite Sayeed Quadri. The highlight of this album is definitely the number' Maahi' sung by Toshi and the from the heart version of 'Soniyo' sung by Krishna. The album begins with the best number, 'Maahi' sing by Toshi, a singer who shot into fame after his appearance at the one of TV reality music shows. He did not go on to win the show but was definitely one of the more popular singers on it. His rendition of songs with a Sufi ang is what won him admirers, not the least of them being Pooja Bhatt, who was a judge on one of the episodes. It is heartening to know that she kept her promise to him and gave him a good break with this movie. The lyrics of Maahi have been penned by Sayeed Quadri and the music has been composed Toshi and his brother Tarbi. Toshi takes centre stage with his full throated rendering of the number, with just the right amount of pathos and longing in it. He does full justice to the lyrics and this number is bound to top the charts. The second version of this song appears in a rock with me version, which has Toshi sounding a lot more pensive. But the good thing is that he manages to retain the magic of the first version. It definitely calls for repeated hearings. The second number on this album is the romantic 'Soniyo' sung by Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, with Neerja Sridhar pitching in with the English bits. The music for this song has been composed by Raju Singh with lyrics by Kumaar. Sonu is easiliy among the best singers that we have around today and he displays the mastery of his vocal chords in this number. He is well supported by the mellifluous Shreya. However, it is Sonu's song al the way. The second version of this song which is sung by Krishna, however, is the icing on the cake. He gives the song a totally different twist. This version has a classical touch to it, which somehow sounds more real than Sonu's pitch perfect, soulful rendition. There is an undercurrent of something raw in this version, which is somewhat more beguiling. His opening alaap actually sets the tone of the entire song and draws you into the song. In fact, Krishna and Toshi seem to have outshdowed the likes of Sonu and KK in this album, which is no easy feat. It is generally KK who manages to steal the show with his soulful rendition, but not so this time. KK sings two songs in this album, but none of them are able to match up to the beauty of the songs sung by Toshi and Krishna. KK's first number in this album is 'O Jaana' with music by Raju Singh and lyrics by Quadri. He sings it very well indeed, and the number is also bound to be among the chartbusters. This number has been remixed (Dance With Me) by DJ Suketu and it gains a little more urgency in the remixed version. KK's second number in this album, 'Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai' has music by Pranay M Rijia and lyrics by Quadri. KK manages to invoke the right kind of romantic mood with his voice. It could be taken as the title track of the film and has right kind of atmospherics. The singer does a great job with both the numbers and brings to play his entire vocal range. Both these numbers are definitely above average and one should hear them a lot more. Krishna sings his second number in the album, 'Bandaa Re' with music by Gourov Dasgupta. This number is based on a Kabir bhajan and has been sung very differently, quite unlike the typical bhajan. Probably composed with a lot of sound effects to suit the needs of the film, the song has been rendered very simply to offset the action in the background. There are a lot of Hindu chants in the background, again keeping in mind the actual action in the film. The number seems to gain in energy and urgency as it progresses and Krishna does a good job with it, never trying to overpower the song with his vocals, but keeping to the demands of the song. Kudos to the comooser as well. The music of Raaz the Mystery Continues is one which covers a gamut of emotions. The numbers are all extremely catchy, and more importantly, very melodious. The best thing about this album is that the singers have had a field day, as the music composers have given them an opportunity to showcase their vocal prowess. It is definitely one of the better albums that has come out in a while.
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This film is like real of life...!
Amit Kharecha, Dec 24, 2011
5 / 5
This film is very nice. I like the song "Maahi Maahi" of this film. This song is my favourite song. And some scenes are like to feeling originaly in our life. This is my favourite movie. I love this movie because some scene of this movie is to create a real part of my life. Why this is happening, why this is creating, why this is using, i dont ask to my heart... Confused...! I used it. By Amit
it will be a blockbuster movie from MUKESH BHATT after RAAZ
parag goswami, Oct 19, 2008
5 / 5
it will be the blockbuster with fantastic songs and horror spine chilling scenes

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