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Release Date : 07 November 2008
Year : 2008
Banner : Popcorn Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd.
Presenter : Balaji Motion Pictures Ltd
Producer : Suniel Shetty , Shobha Kapoor , Ekta Kapoor , Shabbir Boxwala
Director :
Genre : Comedy
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E.M.I. (abbrev.) Easy Monthly Installment is a bittersweet satire that looks at modern day India in a mirthfully subjective way. It’s an engaging pick on, the easy to get but taxing to hold, the ever changing credit economy. It’s a narrative of interconnecting characters coming from different strata and style. A peek-a-boo into their lives of situations that they didn’t anticipate. The people who indulge in spending without thinking and others who care to be optimistic about the future that they desire. This satire dwells into the lives of our protagonists and their stories. Anil and Shilpa are a young couple in love, they are contemporary, hard working, ambitious and submerged in debts. They get married against their fears of compatibility, starting their life in a brand new house. For them it is just 40% more expensive to own per month than a rented one that too without any 11 month cycles of renewals. Love and desire see no boundaries as they choose to travel to the cheapest foreign location for their honey moon which comes at a small installment. Electronics, Car, & kitchenware add to their happy dreams in small steps of more installments. As the cost of love finds various expenses for a happy matrimony their world begins to crumble. Ryan works as a DJ for survival but is a musician at heart. Fearless, optimistic & full of confidence, he likes playing on instincts along with his Big Male ego. One who never fails to impress a beautiful girl. In his late 20’s,and looking for a bigger meaning of love, He is enamored by this beautiful, zippy and hot girl Nancy and immediately falls for her. After the early, hard to get part, She soon makes her way in his life. Against all warnings about nancy being a gold digger, ryan takes the plunge. He believes he is invincible and cannot be taken for a ride. But sometimes life is not a big plan…. 52 year old Chandrakant, a middle class suburban Mumbaikar lives with his teen son Arjun. In the changing current scenario the new Middle class has everything that can be aspired but for savings. Chandra Kant spends almost all his money on his only son who had lost his mother when he was 14. Seven years since Arjun feels that his father has not done enough for him, whereas he does not have enough to do anything more for his son. He has bought him everything that he asked for not thinking once if it was right or wrong. Until arjun demands a foreign education that Chandrakant thinks he can’t afford. The price of his son’s future has been determined and the father falls prey to his son’s dream once again, hoping all will be well the day he finishes his education and starts earning. Prerna a beautiful lady in her mid 30’s who is coming to terms with her husband’s accidental suicide, knows that life ahead will not be easy if she does not have her husband’s insurance money coming. Her biggest hurdle is to prove that her husband was murdered; to claim his insurance money. An honest insurance officer Vidyadhar Mahedale who is helpless, a cop who can’t alter his seniors report and a lawyer friend make Prerna’s world. She is ready to bend the law and is determined to get the insurance money. Rafik powder, a goon comes to her rescue, and promise to do the job for 10% of the large insurance sum of 2 crores. Prerna strikes a deal with Rafik and pays him half the money by securing a loan, hoping the job will be done. A year passes by; Anil and Shilpa are doing the rounds of family court trying to get a divorce. Ryan can’t believe Nancy has dumped him and is nursing his broken heart and a shattered ego. Arjun is back after completing his education but doesnt want to work right away compounding Chandrakant’s problems as he sees arjun’s future on a loose thread. Prerna has been deceived by Rafik and now does not know what to do as she has made large claims of producing the killer of her husband in cour.Their lives are affected by one common problem, that of, accumulated debts which they are unable to pay. Sometimes problems find their own solutions and such a solution in their despaired, hysterical lives, is Sattar. Early starter Sattar, a small time goon on the streets of Mumbai, slowly graduated to running a ethically unethical profession of debt retrievals. “Good Luck Recovery” satirically India’s No.1 (due to lack of rivals in the trade mark profession) becomes the lynchpin for Betrayed banks, telecom companies and various multinationals who often need tough hands on their defaulters. Still in his late thirties, running a monopoly business, Sattar has it all . success, money, power, Until recently when he starts nursing the mind for politics, which for him is the highest berth to reach.. Sattar comes in contact with Anil, Chandrakant, Prerna and Ryan who have defaulted on their EMI’s and are now facing their biggest crises. Sattars fresh inclination and his falling In love offers a few solutions, which help them move ahead in life and lets him recover the dues. With his wit, experience and new desire he changes few lives including his own.

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Amiable Film

By Movie Talkies, 07 November 2008 2.5 / 5

Saurabh Kabra's directorial debut venture, EMI, is a sweet take on the business of loans: giving, taking and recovery. It definitely suffers from a Munnabhai hangover, and with Sanjay Dutt at the helm of affairs as Sattar bhai, the head of a recovery agency, the similarities are brought into focus quite sharply. As in the Munnabhai series, the dreaded Sattar bhai, undergoes a change of heart and takes to solving the problems of his debtors. He does not leave his business, which is loan recovery, but adds a social service tag to the services that he now offers to his clients and extends to the beleaguered debtors. There is much about the film which is glossed over the finer details of the story specially. But the overall tone and mood of the film is very amiable and very entertaining. In Sattar bhai, as with Munnabhai, actor Sanjay Dutt flowers as an actor and is the highpoint of the film. The film is eminently watchable and it makes more sense in a certain sort of way than some of the recent mindless comedies that have been flooding the box office. The underlying social message is not to be missed. The director takes his potshots at banks and other financial institutions and their equally unethical ways, as also the defaulters, who never bother to read the fine print, as also the many not so hapless, who use loans to further their lifestyles. The film, thankfully, does not make any comments on whether one should take loans and credit cards or not, but instead concentrates on the dubious means used by banks to recover them. The script has its problems. Also, the director tends to get into too many territories without giving much thought to the 'whys and hows.' All problems are resolved at the end, like in all good Hindi films, but how, we are not quite sure. Hence, there is a lot about EMI which needs to be taken with a little bit of salt, peppered with a lot of indulgence as well. Despite all these loose strings in the script, the film still works because of the manner in which the character of Sattar bhai is presented. It becomes as much a film about him, as about the EMIs. All in a lighthearted manner, of course. The film's story is about a disparate group of people who take loans from the Indian Bank and for some reason or the other, are unable to pay back their dues. The scene is then set for the entry of the dreaded recovery agents. There is the young couple, played by Ashish Chowdhury and Neha Uberoi, who take on a car loan, a home loan, a honeymoon loan and a computer loan, so that they can get married. Unfortunately, their marriage does not last long and soon enough they are fighting over a divorce. But their EMI payments suffer and Sattar bhai enters their lives with his band of recovery agents. The second story is about a middle aged character played by Kulbhushan Kharbanda, who takes a loan to help his son go abroad for his MBA. The son turns out to be a looser, who would rather amble through life without doing anything constructive and leaves the whole burden of repaying the loan on his old father. The third character is the most interesting. It is that of a conman, played by Arjun Rampal. A DJ by profession, his passion is to blow up money on his credit cards and he has several of them. His problem arise when he falls for Malaika Arora Khan's character, who helps him to blow up his money on drinks, jewellery and the other fine things of life before dumping him. The final story is that of the character played by Urmila Matondkar. It is the least developed despite being given so much screen space. Her husband commits suicide and she wants to claim the two crore insurance money. But she can only get it if it is proved that her husband was murdered or had an accidental death. She is fighting a loosing battle in court and with the cops when she is approached by the many middlemen and asked to get in touch with a certain bhai, who will turn the case in her favour by having one of his men owning up to killing her husband in court. She takes a loan to pay the bhai but unfortunately he pops it. In one shot, she loses her money, her chance of grabbing the insurance kitty, and to top it, also has to now repay the loan she had taken. All characters head to Sattar bhai's office. The man wants to desperately get into politics and then social service. But he is advised by all to learn to respect people and help him, which, they say, would help in erasing his dubious reputation and ultimately help him in becoming a politician. Hence, when these characters are ushered into his presence, he finds himself drawn into their lives and helps them to get their lives back on track. As for Urmila's character, he helps her as he falls in love with her. Needless to say, Sattar's bhai reputation is transformed and he fulfills his dream of becoming a politician, but only after he takes care of the aam janta. The music by the young Chirantan Bhatt fits the mood and tone of the film. The composer proves his versatility by providing a fitting song for every situation in the film. The highlights are definitely the playful 'Chori Chori' sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Suzan and Mohit Chauhan's soulful solo, 'Ankhon Hi Ankhon Mein.' The film's dialogues are very 'Bambaiya' and contemporary in nature. They could have, however, been a little punchier in places. The director does a good job in executing his script on screen. But he bungles in the way in which he ventures into so many territories and resolves them very unrealistically. Also, his hangover with Sanjay Dutt as Munnabhai seems to be the quite the driving force behind this film, or so one feels. EMI has some very consistent and good performances by the entire cast, major and minor. Sanjay Dutt has a role which is tailormade for him. It fits him to a tee and he flourishes in his portrayal of Sattar bhai. One would have loved to see this film as his first release, ahead of Kidnap, where he looks so disinterested. He is at ease and tries to infuse the character with some semblance of novelty. His dinner sequence with Urmila's character is quite outstanding, in the manner in which he plays it. Urmila plays her character competently enough. Ashish Chowdhary shows his flair for comedy and leaves an impact with his performance. Neha Uberoi is okay. Manoj Joshi is very good as Sattar's sidekick, Decent. Maliaka sizzles as she is supposed to do. However, there is not much that can be said about her acting. After Sanjay, the other highlight of the film is Arjun Rampal. He is fantastic as the conman, Ryan. He has presence, talent and finally, lady luck on his side, as well. EMI is a film, which can be called a fun film, without being mindless and brainless. It stays rooted to reality and is quite successful in taking a light look at the serious business of loans.

Nothing Musical Here

By MovieTalkies.com, 08 October 2008 1.5 / 5

Although the music of Mission Istaanbul was nothing to boast about, Popcorn went ahead and asked the debutant music director Chirantan Bhatt to compose the songs of EMI as well. We cannot really say that EMI's music is disappointing because honestly the expectations were not too high to begin with and if anything , the music has lived up to those expectations by being mediocre at best. Even roping in Sanjay Dutt to sing a song is not enough to save this album which lacks soul, melody and originality. The album starts with a Mission Istaanbul hangover since Chori Chori has a heavy Turkish music influence. Sunidhi and Suzan try their best to make this an enjoyable song and in fact this is the best number in the entire album, and yet it is nothing great. The picturization on Malaika Arora Khan and Arjun Rampal makes the song worth a watch and will help it gain popularity. Shakeel Azmi's lyrics are lacklustre and in fact it is only the tune and beats of the song that may find appeal while the lyrics will be forgotten. There is a remix version of this number which is about as good as the original While Mohit Chauhan's "Tum Se Hi" was a beautifully sung and composed number in Jab We Met, Chirantan is unable to create the same magic, although Mohit once again impresses in Ankhon Hi Ankhon Mein. This is a soft romantic number which begins with only Mohit's vocals and the light strumming of the guitar. Sadly once again the lyrics, this time penned by Sarim Momin, are totally unoriginal. EMI, the title track has Sanjay Dutt lending his voice along with Suzan, Earl and Mahalaxmi Iyer. The song essentially explains what the film is about in a fun way with some funny one liners. Somehow Dutt is not in the same form he was when he sang "Ae Shivani", but being the title track, the lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed and Hamza Faruqui are apt in serving the purpose of the song while Dutt seems fully in character. The remix version retains the same qualities while obviously sprucing up the pace and acoustics. Never has Shaan been as uninspiring as he is in Aaja Aa Bhi Jaa where he is joined by Mahalaxmi Iyer and Rishi. But in fact it is of course not his singing which is flawed but the clichéd lyrics by Hamza Faruqui and the uninteresting composition. The only interesting element to this song is the disco feel and effect used at various points. Paarthiv, most remembered for his "Yoon Shabnami" in Saawariya takes the mike for Roshan Har Dil along with Neisha and Joy. Again a very routine number but yet it is worth a listen as we hear Paarthiv in a number quite different from his debut. Even this is a romantic song, but it is a pacy and contemporary one. However, once again the composition is let down by the lyrics, this time penned by Junaid Wasi. The last song, Vote for Sattaar Bhai, is an "Ae Ganpat" type of number which is full of mimicry and lyrics like "Chal panga mat le chhod chhod, teri gardan ko marood" and "vat lagi uski" and hence it is a fun listen and surely the picturization will make it even more interesting. This time the lyrics by Amar Valentine actually score over the composition. EMI is not a film which will be known for its music even if the songs gain popularity if the film works. The biggest problem with this album is that it lacks originality in lyrics and compositions making all the songs sound like they have been heard before and hence they have nothing new to offer listeners.
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