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Money Hai Toh Honey Hai

Release Date : 25 July 2008
Year : 2008
Banner : Big Screen Entertainment
Presenter : Eros International
Producer : Kumar Mangat Pathak
Director :
Genre : Comedy
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Money Hai Toh Honey Hai SYNOPSIS

This film deals with six individual characters. Bobby is a happy go lucky guy, who runs away from home to prove himself. Lalabhai becomes wealthy after his win of 1 crore rupees in lottery. But he’s back on the road as his business fails and he loses all his money. Gaurav, a copy writer is fired from his job. Manik is a struggling model who sleeps with a middle-aged fashion designer, hoping to make it big. Ashima Kapoor is a successful TV star but she’s not happy with her career and is desperate to do films as the lead heroine. Shruti is a struggling dress designer. One fine day, they all get an SMS informing them that they are the owners of a 1000 crore company. However, their happiness do not last long for their lawyer reveals that there’s a loan of 1200 crore on the company and they must repay it and until the loan is repaid, they would be kept under house arrest.

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Quite Silly Actually

By MovieTalkies.com, 25 July 2008 2 / 5

There are comedies and then there are comedies. Ganesh Acharya's Money Hai Toh Honey falls into the category of those very wannabe kind of films. It is a film which is trying hard to be a comedy but unfortunately falls flat on its face. There is no froth here, hardly any moments worth laughing at, and very few gags. Even a director like Priydarshan has been known to go a little wrong with the correct mix for a comedy. And this is only Acharya's second attempt at direction, last year's Swami being his first. The film is just not entertaining enough. To add to it, it has actors of the caliber of Govinda and Manoj Bajpai, who are totally wasted in their respective roles. The film is basically about these six characters who come into an inheritance. One of them is Bobby (Govinda), the son of a rich man, who has run away from home as he wants to prove himself to his father. The next is a character called Lalabhai (Manoj Bajpai), who looses all his money when his business flops; the third is character called Gaurav (Aftab Shivdasani), a copywriter who has lost his job. Then there is a struggling model called Manik who is sleeping around with a fashion designer (Archana Puran Singh). Shruti (Celina Jaitley) is a struggling fashion designer and Ashima (Hansika) is a television actress who is dying to make it big in the movies. These motley groups of people learn that they have become owners of multi crore business. But to their dismay, they realize that they are not sole inheritors of the property but have to share it with the other five. Also, they are informed by a lawyer that the company has some pending loans worth some crores which have to be paid. Till such time the debts are not cleared, they are forced to remain as hostages together. The man bestowing this property on them is a character played by none other than Prem Chopra. He randomly selects six numbers and issues these messages to our six protagonists, all of who are losers. The first half is devoted to exposition and we are introduced to all the characters and their lives. The second half of the film deals with what they do once they are in house arrest together. Even though the premise of the film has some promise in it, it is hardly developed satisfactorily. The culprit here, as in most Hindi films, is the script. The first half of the film could have been snazzier and the second half, which has a lot of potential to be comic, could have been developed by a more mature hand. The situations as they appear in the film are hardly funny. Hence the entire experience of watching this film is a drag. The only actor who manages to raise a laugh or two is Govinda. But that's because he is the kind of actor who can conjure laughter out of apparently nothing, almost like a magician. It's sad to see him stuck in a setup like this. But even a Govinda cannot shoulder the entire film on his shoulders. Also he is quite a misfit for the role itself, which required a much younger actor. Then there is Manoj Bajpai, who one has always associated with good cinema and performance oriented roles. He seems very uncomfortable in the film, and with his role, and it shows. Of the others, it is perhaps Aftab who is able to do most justice to his character. Among the females, it is only Archana who manages to raise a few feeble laughs. Hansika and Celina are just too shrill. Oldtimer Prem Chopra is just about okay. Upen Patel too is just about okay. Ravi Kissen, the Bhojouri film hero, seems wasted in this film. The problem with this film is that most of the actors in film are capable of good and even great performances but are stuck with a role that demands nothing of them and a script which is going nowhere. One can't really blame them as they all do the best that they can in the given circumstances. However, the film's music makes for very pleasant hearing. Composed by Nitin Arora and Soni Chandi, it is different from your run of the mill Hindi film music and has mostly been well picturised in the film. At the end of the day, Money Hai Toh Honey Hai has very little honey in it. It is not a well made film, well thought out film and fails to keeps one's interest going. Quite silly actually!

A Pleasant Outing

By MovieTalkies.com, 16 July 2008 2.5 / 5

Money Hai Toh Honey Hai will be actor Govinda's next release after the superhit of last year, Partner. His films have always been famous for his own unique brand of jhatkas and matkas, and of course, the hit songs. Now that the actor is back playing his second innings, one's expectations are just as high. Of course times have changed, but the music of this film, which is produced by Kumar Mangat and directed by Ganesh Acharya, does live up to expectations to a certain extent. One is sure, however, that the prospects of the film's music will improve once the movie releases, because half the fun of Govinda songs has always been the manner in which they have been picturised. The music of this film has been composed by Nitin Arora and Sony Chandy with lyrics by Sameer. The album opens with the title track, Money Hai Toh Honey hai, which is sung by the composers Nitz 'N' Sony along with Harshdeep Kaur. The first thing that strikes one about the number is its funky, laid back, lazy sound. The number has the potential to become a chartbuster, once it is promoted well. The second number, 'Awara Dil' has singer Adnan Sami making an appearance along with Shruti Pathak, Nitz 'N' Sony, Arya, Bob, Ishq and Shantanu. This is another hip hop number, and hence is a continuation from the opening number. Adnan does a very good job of getting into the mood and delivers another very laidback track. The third number in the album is a number called ' Chhuriyaan', which sees a mix of Punjabi and hip hop. The number has been sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Labh Jhanjua. Both singers do a very good job, but the song is mainly sung by Labh, who gives a very good performance. Even though there is nothing novel about the number, it's the manner in which it has been sung which raises the quality of this number. 'Ta Na Na' is the next number in the album and is sung by the duo of Kunal Ganjawala and Rekha Bharadwaj. This seems to a very unlikely combination, seeing that the song is an out and out hip hop number. The background vocals are provided by Nitz 'N' Sony, Earl E D and Arya. The song is quite catchy, especially its opening refrain 'Ta Na Na'. Ganjawala gives a spirited rendition but the surprise is Rekha, who seems to be very comfortable with the form. 'Rangeeli Raat' sung by Daler Mehndi and Sunidhi Chauhan is the next number on this album. They are supported by Master Saleem and Arya. This number is probably the weakest number in the album. It is pleasant enough, but not one which has any kind of recall value. The next song of the album 'No Big Deal' has singer Suraj Jagan giving voice to a semi rock kind of number. The singer has a very pleasant voice and one which is very suited to the rock genre. The music, specially the guitar bit, is really outstanding. A very well sung number, but one which is a departure from the other numbers in this album. Shaan Peat makes an entry in the album with the number 'Dance Master'. The highlight of this otherwise very mediocre number, are the drums played by the maestro Shivmani. The album ends with an instrumental rendition by Naveen and Mumbai Cine Strings of a number called 'Hope'. The number is interesting. It has a nice buildup and is a very dramatic piece. The music of Money Hai Toh Honey Hai is a little different from what one would expect from a Govinda movie. It has none of those fast, very catchy numbers which his films are well known for. The music is much quieter and slightly unconventional. The composers have used hip hop liberally through out the album and it has worked well. Even their solo excursion into rock goes down well. But the rest of the tracks have no novelty or recall value. This is an album which will require some taking too. It is not one which is likely to sell like hot cakes.
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