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Dulha Mil Gaya

Release Date : 08 January 2010
Year : 2010
Banner : Insight Productions Pvt. Ltd. , Morpheus Media Venture
Presenter : Anuj Saxena
Producer : Viveck Vaswani
Director :
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Dulha Mil Gaya SYNOPSIS

Dulha Mil Gaya is a heart warming tale of four individuals each of whom have different takes on relationships in their lives. Donsai, a young commitment phobic debonair, is petrified with the idea of terms like ‘marriage’ and ‘long term relationships’. Samarpreet, a quintessential Punjabi girl, for whom relationships are to be cherished and lived by. Shimmer, a diva from the world of glamour, for whom love and relationships aren’t quite half as important in life as independence and ‘success’ are. And lastly, Pawan Raj Gandhi, P.R.G., for short, a suave multi millionaire whose heart still remains larger than his bank balance and for whom winning love is the only victory there is. When paths cross for these four characters, fireworks go off and they not only land up influencing each other with their outlook on relationships but also get influenced themselves and learn a whole new meaning of the term. Through the interwoven love stories of Donsai, Samarpreet, PRG and Shimmer, Dulha Mil Gaya, with the help of humour, music, emotions, and style attempts to unlearn the norms of love and relationships in the present day world! A satiating romantic experience, that promises to bring more than a smile to your face!

Dulha Mil Gaya Cast & Crew

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Dulha Mil Gaya REVIEWS

Romance Mil Gaya

By MovieTalkies.com, 09 January 2010 3 / 5

It's the attack of ROMANCE this weekend at the Indian Box Office. If Uday Chopra is aiming for the unattainable with Pyaar Impossible then plain Jane Samarpreet (Ishitta Sharma) in Dulha Mil Gaya wants to win her errant NRI husband's love. The biggest problem with Dulha Mil Gaya is that you watch the proceedings on screen with a strong sense of déjà vu, as the film has nothing novel to offer, but the music and the proceedings are entertaining enough to keep you engrossed. Sushmita Sen plays supermodel Shimmer, who likes her independence more than her doting boyfriend Pawan Raj Gandhi or PRG (Shah Rukh Khan, or SRK in a special appearance). Fardeen Khan is Tej Dhanraj, an eternal bachelor playboy who is known as Donsai . If you must know, Donsai is slang for dollar in Trinidad, where the film is based! A twist in his father's will forces Donsai to marry a girl of his father's choice, Samarpreet Kapoor. He cannot divorce for a decade if he wants to retain the five billion (no less) dollars his father has left him. He dashes across to Punjab (depicted by four trucks filled with Sikhs doing the bhangra), has a quickie wedding and with this technicality now fulfilled, returns to Trinidad minus wife to resume his debauched life. The mousy Punjabi bride decides to take the bull by the horns and heads to Trinidad to reclaim her husband. Her quip to her concerned grandparents is that "Trinidad ka rasta humein naheen, pilot jee ko pata hona chahiye." (I don't need to know the route to Trinidad, the pilot does). The grandparents buy it and Samarpreet reaches Trinidad. A quirk of fate has her meet Shimmer, who arranges an express makeover, which brings Donsai to his knees begging for Samarpreet's love. Samarpreet returns the favour by offering priceless insights on women, such as "Indian ladkiyan ghar chalateen hein aur uss se behtar career aur kya ho sakta hai?" (Indian women run the home and what could be a better career?) This sets Shimmer's priorities straight in life. She literally runs to her boyfriend and proposes to him.. First time director Mudassar Aziz feels compelled to underline every scene and emotion. Pink cushions on Shimmer's couch spell out the action happening on screen with words like "TRAP", "RUN"and "FOOL". Just in case you missed a point, the soundtrack reiterates it to drive it home. Thinking independently (or thinking at all) is generally discouraged. But the film is a visual delight, keeping the romance engaging with the beautiful Caribbean locales as the backdrop. The moments that provide some relief from the stretched out romance are Sushmita's superb Diva act, something that seems to come naturally to her, and the bits where Johnny Lever's Hussainbhai bond with Donsai. Don't be fooled by Shah Rukh's apparent guest presence credit in the movie; he has considerable screen time for a guest appearance, and his qawwali Dilrubaon Ke Jalwe is a song you cannot miss. Shah Rukh's grand entry in the film comes with the observation "Hamara Zikr to har pal hua fasane mein, to kya hua jo dair hui humein aane mein." (I am spoken about at every gathering in any case so it does not really matter if I came a little late). All we can say is that in this case, it made all the difference. Dulha Mil Gaya, though three years in the making, comes roughly twenty years too late. See it if you must, probably for the SRK factor, or probably for the refreshing Sushmita, or for the charming Fardeen, and for the performance by Ishitta, who is something to look out for.

This Is Feel Good, Happy Music

By MovieTalkies.com, 07 January 2010 3 / 5

Producer Vivek Vaswani must be relieved that his film, 'Dulha Mil Gaya' is finally set to release. The film has been in the making for more than two years and there have been various reasons attributed to its delay. When the film was planned, Sushmita Sen had just delivered a hit opposite Shah Rukh Khan, (Main Hoon Na). But much has changed since then. SRK has continued to grow in stature with films like 'Chak De India!', 'Om Shanti Om' and 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi'. It is said that he has a very special appearance in the movie along with Fardeen Khan. The film's music has been composed by Lalit Pandit, part of the Jatin Lalit duo who gave mellifluous hit music for films like 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham', 'Mohabbatein', 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', 'Yes Boss' and 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge', among others. It remains to be seen whether he can deliver the goods in this album which has eight original numbers, all of which have been penned by director Mudassar Aziz. This album opens with 'Akela Dil' which has been sung by Adnan Sami and Anushka Manchanda. The track has a very typically Caribbean feel to it, which shows in the rhythm and pace of the number. Both singers seem to get into the mood as well and give an appropriately lazy rendition. However, the remixed version of this number is a little more on the peppy side. The title track of 'Dulha Mil Gaya' occurs next on the album. This is an extremely peppy number with the requisite Punjabi beats, all calling for a celebratory mood. Daler Mehendi renders the number in his quintessential high spirited style. His voice fits the number and he imparts a very good energy to the number. It's a catchy affair and occurs in a remixed version as well. The lyrics of both numbers so far, are simple and easy on the ears. 'Aaja Aaja Mera Ranjhna' is the next number on the album, which has been sung by newcomer Sunanda, joined by Anushka towards the end. This is a number which floods you with memories of Jatin Lalit's music of yore. It has that quaint, old world charm about it and is extremely melodious and pleasing on the ears. But despite all the pleasing overtones, the number does seem a little out of place in 2010. The fourth track on this album is called 'Magar Meri Jaan' and has been sung by Anushka, who is ably supported by Lalit and Mahua. This is a number which has little to recommend and is just about average in sound. The song is very situational and its limited appeal will come across best only while watching the movie. It is hardly able to stand by itself. Sonu Nigam comes into to croon 'Tu Jo Jaan Le' , another number which has nineties feel to it. With Sonu at the mike, the rendition is absolutely impeccable, and he delivers just the right punches at appropriate moments. The number is definitely above average but not your chartbuster despite being sung so well. The next number 'Rang Diya Dil' which has been sung by Shreya Ghoshal. Unlike the very contemporary feel of the previous numbers, this is a track which is very traditional in mode with very traditional motives used as well. It is a very sweet number and has been sung very sweetly by her as well. The number occurs once more in the album, the second one being a sad version. A Qawali follows next sung by Amit Kumar and supported by Monali Thakur. It's a real surprise to hear Amit Kumar give playback after such a long while. That he is talented and has a superb voice does not need to be said. But what does need to be said is that our composers should utilise his talent much more frequently. The singer is in fine nick and is ably supported by Monali Thakur, who shot into fame after her 'Zara Zara Touch Me ' number from Race. The number called 'Dilrubaon Ke Jalwe' is picturised on SRK and Sushmita Sen, who appeared in a Qawali in 'Main Hoon Na' as well. In the latter half of the song, the lyrics only refer to names of the films starring SRK and Sushmita. If picturised well, this number has the potential to rock it. The number has a remixed version as well. For the final number of the album, the makers have roped in guest composer Pritam, who in turn ropes in Neeraj Sridhar and the result is 'Shiri Farhad.' The Pritam Sridhar combo works very well indeed and ensures that the makers have a winner in their hands. It's a fusion number with Punjabi elements mixed judiciously with rap and reggae. Sridhar is given good company by Tulsi Kumar, who appears towards the end. Both singers seem to have a blast and the number is fun all the way.
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