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Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na

Release Date : 04 July 2008
Year : 2008
Banner : Aamir Khan Productions , PVR Pictures
Presenter : PVR Pictures
Producer : Aamir Khan , Mansoor Khan
Director :
Genre : Comedy | Romance
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Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na SYNOPSIS

Our story begins at the airport. With a story.When Rotlu, Jiggy, Bombs and Shaleen offer to tell Mala the tale of Jai and Aditi-a match made in the pastry shop of heaven - Mala is convinced that she is in for yet another clichéd love story with joys and sorrows, happiness and heartbreak, laughter and songs, fights... and a climax at the airport. And indeed, Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na is all of that. And more! Meet Jai Singh Rathore ('Rats'), the most non-violent Rajput either side of the Aravallis. And meet, if you dare, the violent and passionate Aditi Mahant ('Meow'). Whatever you do, do not pick a fight with her. She scratches. And abuses. If you do get into a scrap, take cover till Jai arrives, as he alone can calm our snarling wildcat.Never was there a less likely couple. Jai thinks Aditi's parents should have rinsed her mouth with soap when she was a child. Aditi thinks that Jai is the biggest coward she has ever encountered. Heaven, it seems, has mixed up its apples and oranges.More nuts in this fruitcake scenario: Rotlu weeps secretly for Aditi. Bombs' heart explodes for Jai. Jiggy applies golden mascara to his hair. Shaleen… well, she's probably the only one who doesn't seem a few notes short of a concerto. So, to come back to our story: Jai and Aditi are perfect for each other (in some odd, distorted way, impossible to understand). Friends know this. Parents know this. Everybody knows this. But do Rats and Meow know? Can two people ever, truly, know the secrets of their hearts? And how do you know it's the real thing? When do you know it's love? Add to this quandary a quarrelling portrait, strange dreams of a desert warrior, a dope-head brother and his pet mouse, two Rajput ‘cowboys', three ancestral conditions, a fateful night in jail, a climactic ride to the airport… … and there, you have it! Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. The coolest, warmest, hippest, funniest musical-romantic-comedy of the decade.

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Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na REVIEWS

A New Khan Is Born

By MovieTalkies.com, 04 July 2008 4 / 5

The coolest, warmest, hippest and funniest musical romantic comedy in years has arrived, and a new Khan is born. Abbas Tyrewala, who gave us the fabulous original Munnabhai MBBS story and the dark Maqbool, has written a small gem that is a heart warmer, with chuckles strewn right through, and with Mansoor Khan and Aamir Khan as producers, he has the right backing to flesh out the written word onto celluloid. But what really works for Jaane Tu is Imran Khan as Jai Singh Rathore, a non violent boy just out of college, with a strong bond of friendship tying him to Aditi, a rather aggressive moophat girl who is more volatile than ether. The two are inseparable so inseparable, in fact, that friends and family assume the two are in love. But are they? The answer is obvious and predictable, but the journey is not. Along the way there is a talking portrait of a dead father who believes violence is courage, there are two Rajput cowboys roaming the city on a strange mission, and there is a Marathi cop who is funnier than all policemen shown so far in Indian cinema. Smaller but equally fleshed out characters like a dopehead brother and his pet rodent, and an interesting airport security officer who also sings Jaane Tu in the climax, make this film a must see. Add to this a dynamic screenplay format, cutting between past and present, with the group of friends narrating the story to the group's new entrant at an airport, and building up to a climax again at an airport, and you have novelty. Finally, the eclectic casting is the icing on the cake, coming as a surprise when you watch the film, since they have not been shown in the publicity and promotion: Naseeruddin Shah as the talking portrait, Sohail and Arbaaz Khan as the Rajput cowboys, and Paresh Rawal as the inspector. Rahman's music is minimal, with the guitar theme used at the right times, with Jai's theme and the Jaane Tu song variations as instrumental versions underlayed strategically through the drama, gaining prominence in the climax. The songs a lot has been written about already, but they get more endearing on the big screen. Rather than going in for a big showcase to launch Imran, or resorting to an emotional love story with heavy doses of romance, a truly original script has been taken up, and the best part is this romantic comedy also has a fair degree of suspense, since Jai has to fulfill three conditions, which we will not mention here, as it will spoil the viewer's fun. Go watch it, and see Jai live up to his family's parampara (and witness Imran truly living up to his family's parampara).

Brilliant Collaboration By Rahman and Tyrewala

By MovieTalkies.com, 27 May 2008 4 / 5

Abbas Tyrewala makes his directorial debut with Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, a film which seems to be about, and for the youth. The music of the film has been composed by the musical genius AR Rahman, while Tyrewala has written the lyrics himself, and true to his style, there seems to be an entirely new syntax that he seems to discover with his lyrics. Rahman obliges suitably, with a very different kind of soundtrack, different, at least to the kind that he is generally known for. Both manage their breakaways from the traditional, without straying too far from the familiar. The resulting album is a mix of sounds and words which are contemporary, young and fresh. The album of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na has a total of seven songs, with one of them reappearing in a remixed version as well. The voices are young and fresh for the most part, going well with the cast of the film, also young and fresh. The album opens with the peppy 'Kabhie Kabhie Aditi' sung by Rashid Ali. The tone of the song may be peppy but its lyrics actually talk of profound emotions, like love, loss and the philosophy of living life with a smile. 'Kabhi Kabhi Aditi/Zindagi main yun hi/koi apna lagta hai/who bichchad jaye to/ek sapna lagta hai. Rashid sings the song with a flair that seems to belie his age. There is a certain ease with which the song has been rendered, the style, which is really catchy. This is a number which is bound to do extremely well. 'Pappu Can't Dance', the second number in album is akin to the ubiquitous 'tapori' song, which was mandatory in Hindi films at a certain time. Sung by Benny Dayal, Naresh Iyer, Satish Chakravarthy, Aslam, Blaze, Tanvi and Bhargavi, the number is all about fun and masti. The band of young voices does a very good job indeed in bringing out the mood of the song without going overboard. More than anything, the song truly exhibits the versatility of Rahman. This number appears again in the album, in a remixed version and packs the same punch as it did in the orginal. The third number of the album, 'Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai', appears twice in the album, once in the female version sung by Runa, and then the male version by Sukhwinder. Of course, the lyrics of the two differ slightly. In both its versions, this song literally throbs with emotion. Coming to female version first, the accompanying music is subtle and plays out like a throbbing undercurrent running through the entire song. Runa gives a low key, emotionally charged rendition of the song. The female version seems to have more angst than the male version. Sukhwinder gives a masterly rendition as well. But it's Runa's version which truly stands out. This song definitely ranks among the best in the album along with the title track and 'Kabhi Kabhi Aditi.' 'Nazrein Milana Nazrein Churana,'sung by Benny Dayal, Satish Chakravathy, Sayonara, Darshana, Svetha, Bhargavi and Anupama is another fun song and has been rendered very well. 'Tu Bole Main Boloon, sung by Rahman himself is the song of the album. The song has the feel of an old fashioned jazz number. Rahman's creates a perfect ambience for this romantic number with the small flourishes with the piano, the trumpet and the jazz drums. The lyrics of the song lend themselves easily to this kind of a lazy, romantic rendering 'Tu Bole Glass Adha Khali/Main Boloon Adha Bhara/ Main Boloon Kitna Saara/Tu Bole Zara Zara.' This song is definitely the best in the album and one cannot imagine anyone else but Rahman singing it. Rashid Ali and Vasundhara Das's 'Kahin To' is a simply written and composed song, rendered in a simple manner by the singers. And it is this simplicity, which is its hallmark of the number. The song has few flamboyant flourishes and is rendered very touchingly by Rashid with Vasundhara providing him good support. The number is touching specially the part where it goes 'Jaane Na Kahan Woh Duniya Hai/ Jaane Na Woh Hai Bhi Ya Nahin/Jahaan Meri Zindagi Mujhse Itni Khafaa Nahin.' This is one of those numbers where the lyrics, the music and the rendition are in perfect harmony. The music of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na has all the elements in it. It is young, peppy, speaks the language of the youth, and most importantly, speaks the language of love in contemporary times. Full credit to Rahman and Tyrewala for their brilliant collaboration in this album.
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Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na TRIVIA

Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na marked the debut of Aamir Khan's nephew Imran Khan.

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Pawan Prakash, Jul 03, 2012
5 / 5
one of d best movies of my life.....

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