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Nanhe Jaisalmer

Release Date : 14 September 2007
Year : 2007
Banner : K. Sera Sera Production
Presenter : Eros International
Producer : K. Sera Sera Production
Director :
Genre : Romance
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Nanhe Jaisalmer SYNOPSIS

Faith and imagination that’s what keep us going. Faith and imagination what would we do without them? Young or old, rich or poor, it is our faith that fuels our imagination; our imagination that realizes our faith… Young Nanhe speaks four foreign languages, but he’s an ‘angootha chaap’! He’s all of ten years old, but he’s the sole breadwinner for his family. He lives in arid Rajasthan, but his room is as full of colourful posters, as his imagination is full of vivid dreams. But unlike other ten year olds his dreams are not fickle… not likely to change from day to day. Nanhe has just one dream… just one constant hope that keeps him dimpling through the hardships of life. That one day he will meet his dost, his best friend, actor Bobby Deol! He makes his sister Suman write a letter to his dost everyday ; sharing all his news, his big battles, his little triumphs. He sees each and every film of his dost. His room is filled with cuttings and photographs of his dost. He lives, breathes, talks – dost. All of Nanhe’s waking moments are consumed by his dost. In his sleep, too, he dreams only of his dost. Then one day, one fantastic day, Nanhe actually comes face to face with his dost – Bobby Deol! And Nanhe’s life changes forever.

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Nanhe Jaisalmer REVIEWS

Novel Idea

By MovieTalkies.com, 14 September 2007 2.5 / 5

Samir Karnik's Nanhe Jaisalmer has lots of things going for it, the first being the absolutely novel story idea. Even though the relationship between a fan and a cine star has been explored before as well, (Dharmendra & Jaya Bhaduri in Guddi), this has a slightly different effect. Nanhe Jaisalmer is a lot more besides the obvious story of fan worship. The film has a lot to do about friendship, inspiration and literacy as well. The film is touching and sweet in places but Karnik's effort doesn't leave you entirely satisfied. The film's story centres around Nanhe (Dwij Yadav), who lives in Jaisalmer with his mother, sister, Suman, and his camel called Raja. The boy is all of ten years old, illiterate, but the sole bread winner of his family. But Nanhe is a die-hard Bobby Deol fan. You may well wonder why Bobby and not a SRK or a Salman? Well, as it transpires, the actor comes for a shoot to this far-flung desert town and that's where the first meeting takes place. The boy is totally smitten by his hero. Nanhe now believes that Bobby is his best friend and he sends him a letter everyday. He calls him dost and since he is illiterate, he makes his sister write the letters for him. His room is full of pictures, posters and news clippings of his favorite movie star. He does not miss any of Bobby's films. In short, he literally lives, breathes and talks about Bobby Deol. Nanhe keeps dreaming that one day he will meet his friend. That keeps him going. And one fine day he actually does come face-to face with his hero, who lands up in Jaisalmer. During their encounters, Bobby also imparts some important lessons to Nanhe, about life and living. The director tries a Manoj Night Shyamalam type twist (remember Sixth Sense?) at the end which doesn't quite fall in place. The strength of Sixth Sense was its superbly sculpted screenplay, which makes sense even when the twist happens, as it falls into place backwards as well. But somehow Karnik is not able to pull this off with finesse in Nanhe Jaisalmer. So even though one can sense the effort and intention of the director, it is somehow not enough. The intention doesn't translate onto the screen and that's what ultimately matters. This is not to say that the film does not work at all. Far from it. The film has many emotional sequences which have been handled very well by the director. The scenes between Nanhe and his mother are quite touching. Karnik is ably supported by his cast, all of who chip in with a competent performance. The best, of course, comes from the young protagonist, Dwij Yadav. He dominates the screen space in terms of time, and manages to hold his own against Bobby Deol and other veterans in the film. Also worth watching is actor Sharad Saxena, as one of the villagers. Actor Bobby Deol, is of course, portrayed as a real hero, and he is quite good in the movie. Binod Pradhan's cinematography is definitely one of the pluses of the movie as well, while Himesh Reshammiya's music is not. There are just a couple of good numbers but in short the music of the film is quite disappointing. In just his second directorial venture, Karnik has shown courage in attempting to pull off something so unconventional. But the attempt falls a little flat. Also the direct ‘message giving' kind of takes away from the primary aim of the film, which is surely not to educate like a school, but to entertain. The message, if any, surely needs to be worked in more insidiously. Nanhe Jaisalmer is among the recent spate of films with the child actor being the centre of attention. There was Apna Aasman which released last week. It's a little sad that the film has not turned out as well as one would have liked it to as it is in essence a very sweet movie.
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Nanhe Jaisalmer USER REVIEWS

Nanhe Jaisalmer is a good movie made by Samir Karnik
nikhil patel, Mar 18, 2008
5 / 5
Nanhe Jaisalmer is a good movie which both entertains and enlightens.I didn't watch it in the theatres thinking that rather than entertaining it will teach more but after seeing it on the DVD I thought that I made a very grave mistake by not watching it in theatres.The child artist Dwij Yadav is good and he performs very well.Bobby is equally good as Dwij.Beena Kak is good.Rajesh Vivek is too good.Vivek and Sharat are too funny.Prateeksha Lonkar is good.The girl playing Dwij's sister is average.Vatsal is good in his small role.All the other actors have done a good job.The music is below average but the best track is 'Mere Nanhe Yaar'.The whole crew has done a good job. The story:- Vikram Singh(Vatsal Seth)signs autographs on the copies of his book 'Nanhe Jaisalmer'.Vikram meets a person who puts hoarding and tells him about the story of Nanhe Jaisalmer.Nanhe Jaisalmer(Dwij Yadav) was the best tourist guide of Jaisalmer who could speak different languages but was an iliterate.He was a die hard fan of Bobby Deol.He is the sole bread winner of the family.He has a brother,camel named Raja.One day Madam ji(Beena Kak)recommends Sarda(Prateeksha Lonkar)to send Nanhe to night school so that he can learn and become something but Nanhe refuses to do so.Nanhe's sister tells the reason behind Sarda wanting Nanhe to get educated bcoz Sarda was an iliterate and so Nanhe's father took advantage of it and sold the whole property.One day while going somewhere Nanhe and Raja helps a car to come out.Nanhe meets Bobby Deol(Bobby Deol)and can't believe it.Nanhe tells him to meet at Ghadisar lake and Nanhe will come to meet him.Bobby keeps on waiting but after sometime goes away.Nanhe goes to meet Bobby but Bobby has gone away.Nanhe learns somethings from Bobby.At the end Nanhe realises that Bobby cancelled the shooting which was going to take place in Jaisalmer due to some reason and Nanhe was talking with Bobby which was his imagination.At the end Nanhe now Vikram Singh meets the real Bobby in Mumbai.Everything ends happily.A very good attempt by Samir Karnik.I give it *****=5 stars.
A greatest of all child performance(really impresive)
Anil Shah, Oct 20, 2007
5 / 5
Great child performance and very good story.(at least something new. silly romance is forgotten for some time.)

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