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Release Date : 08 September 2006
Year : 2006
Banner : Om Films
Presenter : Tolu Bajaj
Producer : Akshay Bajaj
Director :
Genre : Adventure | Action
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A mystery lies burried under the dust of centuries. A secret so powerful and potent it can change lives. One map... just one map holds the key to the mystery. A brilliant archaeologist has died protecting the map. His ruthless rival will kill anybody who gets in his way to get to that map. Two brothers must risk their lives to unravel the mystery of the map. As they race against time and un unscrupulous enemy, they must defy death, danger and deception. For if the secret gets into the wrong hands, it will spell doom to mankind. Only the map can show the way...


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I love this Movie
rakesh sharma, Oct 15, 2006
5 / 5
Even though i haven't seen this movie i know it will be good because i know all of Vivek Oberoi's movies are mind blowing and same with sunny deol they both are my two favorite actors.

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