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Good Boy Bad Boy

Release Date : 11 May 2007
Year : 2007
Banner : Mukta Arts
Presenter : Mukta Arts
Producer : Subhash Ghai
Director :
Genre : Comedy | Romance | Musical
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Good Boy Bad Boy SYNOPSIS

Rajan Malhotra and Raju Malhotra are poles apart. Rajan Malhotra is a proverbial bookworm, forever lost in studies and completely oblivious to the frolicking of a college dude. He hails from a well to do background and his parents are constantly worried due to his somber nature and his lack of interest in any extra curricular activities. While Raju Malhotra has absolutely no time for studies as playing notorious pranks on others takes up most of his time on a daily basis. His father constantly ridicules him for his wayward ways.. As fate would have it, both of them land up in the same college. And get swapped. And fun begins…

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Good Boy, Bad Boy: Cliches rein supreme

By Manisha Vardhan, MovieTalkies.com, 14 May 2007 1 / 5

Director Ashwini Chaudhary obviously was not thinking when he decided to make a film like Good Boy, Bad Boy. It is one of those films which leaves you stumped. You are dumbfounded and know not what to do. Actually, you do. The only thing to do in such a case is head for the exit as fast as you can! But since we didn't, here goes: The story of the film is quite evident from the title itself. It is about a good boy, played by Tusshar Kapoor and the Bad Boy (Emraan Hashmi). Of course, by the end of the film, all become good. The entire action of the film is set in a college campus ruled by one angry principal (Paresh Rawal). And to make the film complete we have our two heroines, Isha Sherwani, the good girl and Tanusree Dutta, the not-so-good girl. Unfortunately, the good boy and the bad boy have very similar names. Good boy, Rajan Malhotra is our normal nerd-next door types, with his head inside a book, with no extra curricular activities. Raju Malhotra, the bad boy has no time for books and all the time for girls. Both sets of parents are worried about their offspring. Both find themselves in the same college but due to an error made by the clerk, the nerd lands up in a class of duffers and the playboy finds himself having to cope with the nerds. Cliches continue to rein supreme as bad boy is paired off with the good girl and good boy is ensnared by the bad girl. The climax of the film is a quiz competiton, where the bad boy bags the honours, and a dance competition, which predictably is won by the good boy. (Of course, followed by a crash dancing course from sultry girlfriend). The problem with the film is not the cast. Not even the music given by Himesh Reshammiya. It's appropriate to the subject. The problem is the cliché ridden plot. There are no surprises. Everything is as you would expect it to be. And worse. Totally bereft of ideas.

A Letdown

By MovieTalkies.com, 07 May 2007 1 / 5

One has come to expect chartbusting music from Himesh Reshammiya. But he disappoints with the musical score of Good Boy Bad Boy. It is hardly inspirational and doesn't merit more than a one-time listen. Even though this album has all but one song sung by Reshammiya himself, it is sure to disappoint his fans and well-wishers as well. The title track of 'Good Boy, Bad Boy' is probably the biggest letdown. The track sung by Reshammiya and Akriti Kakar, is more noise than music. Akriti appears to get the better of Reshammiya and does a fairly good job of salvaging the song. The remixed version by DJ Suketu is not really much of an improvement. All those additional beats added to the song fail to give it the much-needed zing. It is with the second track in the album, 'Meri Awargi,' that Reshammiya begins to sound more like himself. A duet with Himani Kapoor, this is a song which is more in keeping with Reshammiya's style. It probably is the best song of the lot, which is not really saying much. Himani impresses in her rendition. The remixed version, by Suketu again, is not much different from the original. It retains its flavour. With 'Aashiqana Aalam Hai,' Reshammiya seems to be finally getting into the groove. The prelude to the song is very interesting. This song has Alka Yagnik, Vinit and Sunidhi Chauhan supporting Reshammiya. In fact, the composer-cum-singer seems to be getting better with every song. Unfortunately, he never gets a chance to peak in this album, as the next song is rendered by Zubin. Sunidhi gets a chance to exercise her vocals somewhat but Alka is a waste. She just has one line to sing, which she does fairly decently. It really makes no sense to take a singer like her for this kind of a song. Quite an utter waste of talent. Vinit too is quite lost in the song as the track is dominated by the man in the cap. It has a remixed version as well. But except for some additional beats added to it, the track remains fairly the same. There is not much that one retains, musically at the end of the album. The album comes with four original tracks, each with a remixed version. Seeing that the film is a youth based film, one would have expected a little more zing and punch from the music. There is nothing particularly 'youthful' about the sounds. This will probably go down as one of those soundtracks which the composer-cum-singer might be in a hurry to forget. The film 'Good Boy, Bad Boy, comes from the house of Subhash Ghai, Mukta Arts. Ghai himself has been known for the strong music content of his films. But even though this film carries his name, it fails to live up to the reputation of Mukta Arts in its music department, at least. The only slightly decent numbers are 'Meri Awargi' and 'Aashiqana Aalam Hai.' It just leaves the listener feeling slightly cheated. There is no musical variety here. Nothing which is going to top the charts. Just highly forgettable numbers.
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franklin lawrence, Jul 10, 2006
5 / 5
this movie looks good and hope emraans not up to some of those smooches again anyway looking forward to this one
ish virdee, Feb 11, 2006
1 / 5

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