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Saawan - The Love Season

Release Date : 06 April 2006
Year : 2006
Banner : Saawan Kumar Productions
Presenter : Saawan Kumar
Producer : Saawan Kumar
Director :
Genre : Romance
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Khan He Please Sign Better Flicks Next Time?

By Vikas Mohan, MovieTalkies.com, 08 April 2006 2 / 5

Saawan is a romantic tale, which tells the story of Salloni Aswani and Kapel Jhaveri who meet while holidaying in South Africa and fall in love. To make thing more merry, back home in Mumbai, Kapel’s father Ranjeet and Salloni’s father Prem Chopra turn out to be childhood friends, and the duo are soon engaged. This is when Salman Khan comes on the scene. Blessed (or rather cursed) with the power of premonition, he often gets the message of a tragedy when it is about to occur. He fathoms that Salloni is going to die in a few days, and Salloni believes him as his earlier predictions had come true. Salloni lives and enjoys her life to the full before the doomed end. Does Salman’s prediction come true is what is answered in the climax. In spite of it being a different kind of love story, the difference is hardly remarkable. Performance-wise, Salman Khan charges the screen and steals the show. As the director, Saawan Kumar experiments with a different kind of a theme.
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go and watch salman khan
Mandar Joshi, Apr 08, 2006
3 / 5
its a ok movie not a good movie but go and watch the movie for salman khan he rocks man

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