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Release Date : 30 December 2005
Year : 2005
Banner : Cinematt Pictures
Presenter : Cinematt Pictures
Producer : John Mathew Matthan
Director :
Genre : Drama
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How far can greed take a man? Can the 'greens' ever fight the money and might of the builders lobby? Can nature ever win over the bulldozer? These are the riveting issues raised by Shikhar. Pitted against each other in this battle of man v/s nature are two different but equally powerful protagonists. Gaurav Gupta aka GG (Ajay Devgan) is the man who started with nothing and now believes that only money can fuel his ambitions. While Guruji (Jawed Sheikh), to the manor born, believes that wealth means nothing if not used for society. Caught in the tussle between the two is the unworldly Jaidev Vardhan (Shahid Kapoor), who while respecting his father's philosophy, falls hook, line and sinker for GG's gilt-edged dreams. While Guruji hopes that Jai will return to his roots, GG uses the glamorous Natasha (Bipasha Basu) to bewitch Jai and the unscrupulous politician Amrit Patil, to exploit the tribal into selling their lands. Madhavi (Amrita Rao) watches the man she loves being carried away in to a world of wine, women and wealth. If Shikhar is the Pinnacle of good deeds and thoughts, Shikhar is also the height of ambition and greed. Which peak will Jai choose to scale in this battle of man vs. nature?

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Gets You Thinking

By Vikas Mohan, MovieTalkies.com, 01 January 2006 3 / 5

Shikhar is a message oriented film, pleading for the protection of the environment. Ajay Devgan plays the role of a builder who has the grand ambition of building a township, and has the support of minister Manoj Joshi. Jawed Sheikh runs an Ayurvedic centre and ashram, and is the man responsible for turning the barren land of that area, into a lush green sanctuary. The Ashram is on a hill and nearby is an area where the tribals reside. Ajay buys the land from these poor tribals promising them housing in Mumbai, and they jump to the offer. When the construction starts, Jawed manages to take a stay order from the court. Shahid Kapoor plays Jawed’s son, who has studied horticulture. After his graduation Jawed asks Shahid to move to Mumbai and take charge of his textile industries, and Ajay decides make use of the vulnerability of his age to trap him to fight his father. He floats a designer garments label in partnership with Shahid, and his girlfriend, played by Bipasha Basu, helps him in his game. Shahid comes under Ajay’s spell and changes his lifestyle. Amrita Rao who lives in the ashram, is Shahid’s childhood friend, and warns Shahid, but to no avail. Would Shahid understand Ajay’s game and save the ashram? The answer is unfolded in rest of the film. Production values are excellent, and A. K. Bir’s cinematography is of an international standard, where he has captured the locations and the mood of the film, extremely well. Viju Shah’s music has variety, but most of the compositions are too old fashioned, with the exception of ‘Dil fitna’ and ‘Dheere dheere’. The director’s noble intention has to be appreciated, as the film pleads for the preservation of the environment. But ‘good desire’ does not necessarily make an interesting film, and sadly Shikhar misses to make a mark because more than anything, the script lacks novelty, leaving it with various loopholes. Performance-wise, Ajay Devgan is a miscast, but manages to convince till an extent. Where Shahid Kapoor is a natural, Bipasha Basu too does justice to her role. Jawed Sheikh, Sushant Singh, Farah, Raj Zutshi, Ash Chandler, Jaywant Wadkar, Bomi Dotiwala and Sunil Rege provide able support. As the director, John M. Matthan shows his skill as a visualiser with shots of the construction sites and locations, but fails to create the impact due to a poor script and loose narration.
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