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Aashiq Banaya Aapne

Release Date : 02 September 2005
Year : 2005
Banner : Shiv Films
Producer : Balabhai Patel
Director :
Genre : Romance
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Aashiq Banaya Aapne SYNOPSIS

Love makes you do the strangest things. Karan (Sonu Sood) loves Sneha (Tanushree Dutta), but is too much of an introvert to ever express his feelings to her. Although Karan's feelings are evident to many, he is content in just seeing Sneha smile, and never gathers the courage to tell her how he feels. Vicky (Emraan Hashmi) tries to talk him out of his relationship with Sneha, but Vicky assures him that this time, he is really in love with Sneha. Karan's childhood friend. Very different from Karan, Vicky is an extrovert and a notorious flirt. All three lives change when Vicky joins Karan and Sneha in college, and Sneha begins feeling drawn towards Vicky. Karan feels he has lost the only woman he has ever loved but knows he cannot do anything about it. However, life goes on, and the three of them share a special bond of friendship. The closeness between Vicky and Sneha cross all boundaries, and just as everything seems set between the two, one eventful night shatters their bond. Trust is broken, obsession and confusion ensues, and relationships change forever in 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne', the debut film of Aaditya Datt.

Aashiq Banaya Aapne REVIEWS

Guns and Roses

By Vikas Mohan, MovieTalkies.com, 17 October 2005 3 / 5

Shiv Films' AASHIQ BANAYA AAPNE is a love triangle. Sonu Sood and Tanushree Datta are co-eds and good friends. Tanushree has lost her mother and her father Navin Nishchal always remains busy in his business, so Sonu is a big support in her moments of loneliness. Sonu is in love with Tanushree, but he does not express his feelings, because Tanushree treats him only as a friend. Emraan Hashmi and Sonu are childhood friends. So he also joins the same college. Emraan is a playboy, but he is serious about Tanushree. Emraan is an exhibitionist and he confesses his love for Tanushree who too reciprocates. Sonu is very unhappy with Emraan and Tanushree's romance. Hiding his feelings, he plays a mischievous game, and succeeds in ruining Emraan and Tanushree's romance. So Tanushree turns to Sonu and they get engaged. But Emraan is not going to give up so easily. Who gets Tanushree? The answer comes in the climax. Production values are good. Sebastian A. K. N.'s cinematography is competent. Himesh Reshammiya's music is appealing for the youth and it is the soul of the film. The title song is already hit. It looks like a modern version of SANGAM, where two bosom friends are in love with the same girl. The difference is that in SANGAM, both the friends were willing to make the sacrifice, in ABA, they forget their friendship and fight for the girl. The romance is well developed, but you don't feel sympathy for any of the two heroes and you feel sorry for the girl. Many cinematic liberties are taken and the climax is a let down. Performance-wise, Emraan Hashmi is superb. Sonu Sood is good. Tanushree Datta is charming and natural. Navin Nishchal and Vivek Vaswani provide able support. As the director, debutant Aaditya Datt shows his grasp over the medium.
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