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Release Date : 19 August 2005
Year : 2005
Banner : Shree Krishna International
Presenter : Shree Krishna International
Producer : Suneel Darshan
Director :
Genre : Drama | Romance
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Arav (Bobby Deol) designs cars and works in USA. One day, he meets Anna ( Bipasha Basu) and gradually they fall in love . Arav is picked up by the famous BMW group headed by Anna’s grand father,and their wedding is finalized. Arav gets a message from his mother about his ailing father and plans to visit India. He tells Anna to follow him and leaves for India. Here he meets his wife Kajal (Priyanka Chopra). Caught in a fix, he tells her about Anna and seeks divorce from her. Good hearted Kajal agrees. Things are almost straightened and settled when Anna and her grandfather (Shakti Kapoor) visit India to finalize the marriage date. Arav now discovers that he is actually in love with Kajal.

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Bobby second time lucky with Barsaat?

By Vikas Mohan, MovieTalkies.com, 19 August 2005 2 / 5

Shree Krishna International's Barsaat is a refreshing love triangle, inspired by the Hollywood flick 'Sweet Home Alabama'. Bobby Deol and Priyanka Chopra are childhood friends. Priyanka is orphaned as a child and is subsequently brought up by her grandmother Farida Jalal. Bobby is Gajendra Chauhan and Beena's son. Farida is anxious about Priyanka's future while Bobby's parents promise her that they would get Bobby and Priyanka married once they grow up. Bobby grows up to be a brilliant engineering student, and decides to go to America after graduation. Bobby parents force him to marry Priyanka. Bobby goes to America. Bobby gets a break as a car designer in a big firm owned by Shakti Kapoor. Bipasha Basu plays Shakti's granddaughter who falls in love with Bobby. The feeling is reciprocated. Shakti approves of their relationship and their engagement is announced. Bobby comes to India and asks Priyanka for a divorce. Despite her disappointment, Priyanka agrees when Bobby persists and tells her that he is in love with Bipasha. Shakti wants Bipasha and Bobby's marriage to be solemnized in India and thus they come to India. Will Bobby and Priyanka go through the divorce? Production values are very good. W. B. Rao's cinematography is up to the mark. Nadeem-Shravan's duo has come out with some pleasing and melodious music. The title song 'Barsaat ke din aaye' is the best of the lot. 'Aaja piya,' 'Nakhre utha' and other songs are also pleasing. Music can be called the highlight of the film. Sultan-Sulaiman's background score is also effective. It is an emotional story considering traditional Indian values in the context of present day life. Priyanka's character symbolizes the spirit of the film since she plays a small town girl who is traditional and still has the ability to support herself. The drawback is that many cinematic liberties have been taken, for instance the pace of the film is slow throughout and the screenplay is jerky. Performance-wise, Bobby Deol shows his ability to handle an emotional role. Priyanka Chopra gives a sensitive portrayal and is in her prime. She looks quite attractive despite her role of a small town middle class girl. Bipasha Basu exudes oomph. Shakti Kapoor, Farida Jalal, Beena, Gajendra Chauhan, Mahesh Thakur and Supriya provide good support.
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