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Chori Chori

Chori Chori

Release Date : 01 August 2003
Year : 2003
Producer : Om Shakti Combines
Director :
Genre : Comedy | Drama | Romance
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Chori Chori SYNOPSIS

'Chori Chori' is a romantic film telling the story of Ranbir (Ajay Devgan) and Khushi (Rani Mukherjee) who are as different as chalk and cheese. They bump into each other on the streets of Delhi. It certainly isn't love at first sight for them. In fact there is nothing but war of words and arguments. Circumstances keep Ranbir and Khushi together, much to their discomfort. Till they realize that they cannot do without each other.

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Better than Housesitting with Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin
prakash gosai, Jun 18, 2006
5 / 5
Hi, I've purchased some DVDs from an Indian friend at work, who didn't need them anymore. One of them was Chori Chori with my all-time-favourite Rani Mukerjee and my first encounter with Ajay Devgan in the person of Ranbir. Although I am learning Hindi, I wasn't quite up to seeing it without English subtitle. What a movie - I must have seen it approx. 15 times; there was always something I detected that I hadn't seen before. What a performance from both Ms. Mukerjee and Mr. Devgan! At first it reminded me strongly of the Hollywood production "Housesitter" but the Indian characters were much more sympathetic and loving. I fell in love instantly with Ajay Devgan and asked my friend for more DVD's starring him. He gave me Kaal to watch, but that's another story. Chori Chori has become my favourite, more than Veer-Zara or Kabhi Kuchi Kabhi Gham. Having around 8 movies featuring RaniM, BLACK amongst them, I found her very lively and lovely as always in Chori Chori - those eyes and the chip in her front tooth are her trademarks I presume and both features are to be seen constantly in Chori Chori. I'd love to see more of the same genre films in future. All my best wishes for both actors as well as for the entire cast of Chori Chori.

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