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Release Date : 22 August 2003
Year : 2003
Producer : Babbu Mann , Nippy Dhanoa , Baldev Bhatti , Amrinder Singh
Director :
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“ Hawayein”- winds change but the scars of history remain- is a film which emerges from the consequences of the BlueStar operation & is based on the aftermath of Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s assassination- the riots in Delhi & other places in India & the subsequent victimization of the people in Punjab in the years that followed. This film depicts real life events & most of the situations shown in this film are authentic seen through the eyes of the central protagonist ‘Sarabjit’. It is the story of his journey from innocence to disillusionment, from being a simple, romantic, music loving student, to becoming one of the most wanted terrorists in the country. This film is an honest exploration of the reasons which led to the angst of the youth of Punjab & the turmoils suffered by their families. It is the story of a time- When innocents were forced to rebel against justice & labeled terrorists by the existing government. When political motivations created terrorists out of common criminals. When the nations watchdogs became greedy, heartless money-making murdererous machines. When the sound of winds created unspeakable fear in the minds of people in Punjab. A time created by an impotent administration & judiciary & the silence of the intelligentsia. A time which saw the beginning of cross border terrorism in India. It exposes the real reason of Pakistan participating in & actively aiding terrorism in Punjab. This film is the first of its kind subjects to be made and has been crafted within commercial parameters. The production values of this film are on par with most major commercial Bollywood films. It has been shot in more than 41 authentic & picturesque locations in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi & on massive sets in Kamalistan Studio- Mumbai. No effort has been spared in the making of this film. This film will also shatter previous stereotypes of Sikh characters shown on the Indian screen. It has been shot on 35mm cinemascope using the latest camera Arri 435 & will be released with Dolby Digital sound. It is slated for an April release & will become a much hyped media event and a memorable celluloid explosion on the hindi screen. Beautiful locales, memorable performances, authentic costumes are the main assets of this ambitious project. This film is a brave attempt to present history in a realistic manner on a colorful tapestry woven with all human emotions of romance, tragedy, humour all presented together on a platter of wonderful music.

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