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Ek Hindustani

Ek Hindustani

Year : 2002
Presenter : Xavier Marquis
Producer : Amar Sharma
Director :
Genre : Action
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Ek Hindustani SYNOPSIS

Sunil Shrivastava (Suniel Shetty), is the son of a freedom fighter (Pran), who fought against the British regime for Indian independence. His father knew what slavery meant and also made him understand the same. He believed that, "It was better to die than to live as coward". With such intention Sunil comes to bombay from Allahabad to study law, so that he can fight for the justice of the people. But he soon realizes that the law in the city favours the powerful people and the weaker section of the society are the losers. Not being a coward, Sunil decides to take on the system, be it all-alone, and fight them on his own terms. A saviour called "Ek Hindustani" is born which is the name given by the people to Sunil. Suddenly there is revolution in the air. Every child around wants to become "Ek Hindustani" and wants to live without fear. Sunil's dream will come true when every person in the country will stand up and fight against evil, than live life of a coward.

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