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Release Date : 06 December 2002
Year : 2002
Presenter : Maruti International
Producer : Ashok Thakeria , Indra Kumar
Director :
Genre : Drama | Family
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Suraj and Karan are father and son, whose relationship is wonderful as life itself. Suraj can defy the strongest acts of nature for the sake of his son. In his son’s adoration Suraj finds his heaven. In his fathers love, Karan finds his world. Yet, something is missing in their heavenly world… Not faraway, the lonely strains of a violin quieten the sobs of its player, Komal… who is a wife and mother and yet cannot be both. Once upon a time, Suraj and Komal were ecstatically happy. She was his inspiration and he was her obsession. But one fateful day… everything changed. A made for each other pair, were made to stay apart. A child was denied his mother. A family became incomplete. In their lives are a scheming father, a mercenary woman, a kind of judge, a vile lawyer, a compassionate bookie, a goodfearing antagonist… Each of who play a vital role in shaping the destiny of Suraj, Komal and Karan. Rishtey is an engaging story where emotion and entertainment meet each other half way. Where just when the eyes get moist, there is something to laugh about. Where just when all seems lost, hope resurfaces.

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it makes my life better than ever
Elmigdad sulaiman, Apr 03, 2009
3 / 5
since when i wach this movei(Rishtey)i felt pain in what happe to suraj& komal,but when getting to the end of movie, i larn a story to guid my lift time, even i like the kind of life am living now,through this, meny people have gain their want in life, this movie make had make me what what i am to day, this what i could say as my review. THANKS FROM MIGDAD

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