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Shakti - The Power

Shakti - The Power

Release Date : 20 September 2002
Year : 2002
Banner : Sridevi Productions
Presenter : Surinder Kapoor , Boney Kapoor
Producer : Sridevi , Boney Kapoor
Director :
Genre : Action | Drama
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Shakti - The Power SYNOPSIS

Shakti is a crude and inspired version of the Hollywood film, 'Not Without My Daughter',and the Telugu film, 'Anthapuram'. A canada based Indian girl (Karisma Kapoor) gets married to an Indian boy (Sanjay Kapoor) settled there, and the two have a baby boy with whom they live happily. After years of their marriage, the wife is shocked to learn that her husband has family in India, living in a small village of Bihar. She and their child accompany the man to India when he learnts of some tension having erupted in the village. Concerned about his mother's (Deepti Naval) safety, he comes to India to enquire after her but the visit shocks the wife! She realizes that her father-in-law (Nana Patekar) is an uncivilized man who only understands the language of crime and revenge. It was because her husband who was against this that he had disowned the family and had left the country many years ago. While in the village, the rivalry between the father-in-law and his step-brother resolves in her husband being killed. Fearing the worst for her 3 year old son in this atmosphere where killings are a way of life, she sets out to leave the country with him. But her menacing father-in-law will not allow her to take her son with her as he wants him to avenge his father's murder when he grows up. From then on begins the cat-and-mouse game - she trying to escape with her son and he preventing her from taking away her son. A good-for-nothing petty criminal (Shah Rukh Khan) ultimately helps her to escape.

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