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Release Date : 11 August 1995
Year : 1995
Producer : Prem Lalwani
Director :
Genre : Drama | Romance | Social
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Vikram Bahadur (Mukesh Khanna) is a renowned lawyer who does not believe in God at all and has full faith in science. On the other hand, his wife Kavita (Deepti Naval) is typically orthodox and opines that if you are fully devoted to God, the Almighty will help you solve your problems.

Both love their only son Guddu (Shah Rukh Khan) very much. Guddu too, does not indulge in doing something that may hurt his parents. Guddu, a student of Science collage, is a popular figure and very good at sports. Guddu and Salina (Manisha Koirala), a student of Arts College, meet for the first time in strange circumstances. Eventually, they falls in love.
Just when everything seems rosy, Guddu falls prey to fate's cruel games. A tragic incident is the beginning of an ordeal. It's a testing time for Guddu and all those who are really close to him.

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