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Dil Se

Dil Se

Release Date : 21 August 1998
Year : 1998
Banner : India Talkies
Presenter : Bharat Shah
Producer : Ram Gopal Varma , Shekhar Kapur
Director :
Genre : Adventure | Drama | Romance | Thriller | Musical
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Ancient Arabic literature classifies love into seven different shades....HUB.... their eyes meet, it is like a touch... a spark... Attraction.UNS.... the touch of the eyes was as if, it was infatuation ISHQ.... the flame of her body is felt, his breath starts igniting... Love.AQIDAT.... Reverence... she touches him like whisper, as if silence is mixed in her eyes... he prays, knelt down on the floor, a little consciously & a little unconsciously...IBADAAT.... he is entangled on her path... entagled in her arms.... Love turns to Worship.JUNOON.... his living is an Obsession... his dying is an Obession... apart from this there is no peace...MAUT.... let him rest in the lap of Death... let him drown his body in her soul...DIL SE.... a journey through these seven shades....

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