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Release Date : 17 July 1992
Year : 1992
Presenter : Nand Mirani
Producer : Bhappi Sonie
Director :
Genre : Action | Drama | Romance | Crime
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Nishchaiy SYNOPSIS

'Nishchaiy' is the story of two brothers, Ravi and Rohan Yadav seperated due to unforseen circumstances created by Ravi's employer Manohar Singh who suspects Ravi of having an affair withhis wife Renuka. Ravi is sent to prison for a crime which he never committed and Rohan is adopted by Renuka's friend Yashoda. Years later, Ravi, a branded criminal is released from prison and Rohan, a successful lawyer now known as Vasu Gujral, clash with each other unaware of the fact that they are real brothers. This clash is engineered by none other than Manohar Singh, who is responsible for their seperation years ago.

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