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Release Date : 07 January 2000
Year : 2000
Presenter : Maa Sherawali Productions
Producer : Yogesh Anand
Director :
Genre : Action | Drama
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Maa Sherawali Production’s Presentation ‘Bulandi’ recreates the world of feudal lords and the villagers and even his kin’s undaunted obeisance to him. Gajaraj (Rajnikant) is a zamindaar, a panchayat leader, who commands respect from one and all, including his family and his word is law. Once he gets killed by his brother-in-law (Ranjeet) when he externs his sister Mai’s (Aruna Irani) family for eighteen years as a punishment for a crime of a rape of a village belle, committed by her son Jagannath (Shakti Kapoor). Gajraj’s son Dharamraj (Anil Kapoor) now takes over and becomes the new feudal lord, while his wife Lakshmi (Rekha) remains barren to lovingly care for his two brothers Arjun (Anil kapoor in double role) and Nakul (Harish). Meanwhile Arjun marries a mordernised Meena (Raveena Tondon) daughter of a business tycoon (Kulbhushan Karbanda)and in due course, she adjusts and becomesan unseparable part of the family, but jagannath who decides to wreck vengeance on Dharmaraj’s family and then how upheavals are overcomed, amidst high voltage climax, forms the crux of the movie.

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