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Leena Chandavarkar Profile

The emergence of Leena Chandavarkar as an actress was that of an interesting one. Sunil Dutt wanted to launch his brother in a film called 'Man Ka Meet' but two other faces came into the limelight. They were Leena Chandavarkar and the dashing Vinod Khanna.

Leena had a bubbly image which helped her in doing light roles as in 'Mehboob Ki Mehndi', 'Rakhwala', 'Honeymoon', 'Mein Sundar Hoon' and 'Ek Kuwara Ek Kuwari' to perfection. She wanted to establish herself as an intense actress and so was offered Dilip Kumar's 'Bairag' which helped her career a lot.

She quit filmdom when she got married to ace singer Kishore Kumar.She is happy to be known as Mrs. Kishore Kumar and has kept a very low profile for herself. She has not contemplated coming back to the world she left long back. Leena has a son Sumeet who has gone after father Kishore.


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