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Place of Birth : Kabul, Afghanistan
Date of Birth : 22 October 1935
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Kader Khan PROFILE

Kader Khan's childhood was spent in a dreaded area like the Kamathipura of Mumbai. He was brought up in a clutter of prostitutes, pimps, pickpockets and gangsters. He could have become one of them but he opted for films which was a wise decision to be taken. Born of Pathan parents, Kader Khan found solace in graveyards during his entire childhood. This inspired him to write and there was also a desire to act. To fulfil all his dreams, he completed his studies and joined filmdom. But beneath everything there was a strong influence of a Muslim priest that his father was. Once in the industry, he was able to take out all his bitterness that he had gone through. Kader Khan's writing career began with 'Jawani Deewani' but he has written dialogues for almost all Amitabh Bachchan films like 'Laawaris', 'Muqadar Ka Sikander', 'Amar Akbar Anthony', 'Sharabi' and many more where he could lash out some of the anti-elements of the society. His acting career started with 'Khoon Pasina' and so far he has done as many as 300 movies. He has done a wide variety of roles and with 'Himmatwala' he even tried comedy. But Kader Khan must be dead tired with all his roles as Govinda's father in almost all his films. He has done most number of films with character actress Aruna Irani.

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