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Place of Birth : Kolkata, India
Date of Birth : 27 July 1967
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Rahul Bose Filmography

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Rahul Bose PROFILE

There was a time when Bose wanted to do MBA.But then, after a lot of thinking Rahul Bose decided that he wanted to act. Back then, there wasn’t much scope for an English-speaking actor, so he decided to write. But he then realized that there wasn’t enough scope for creative writing either. Six days later he was at Rediffusion. Four years later,at the age of 24,he became their Creative Director. Around the same time, he became involved with the theatre, an interest that remains even today. Rahul Bose's first few releases were Dev Benegal's "English August" followed by a few serials on the small screen and then the block buster movie "Bombay Boys". To perfect his Australian accent for the film Bombay Boys, he’d walk around the sets, dictaphone in hand, repeating lines taped by his Aussie linguist. After receiving International acclaim for his performance in Dev Benegal’s "English August", was followed by"A Mouthful of Sky" which Rahul terms as the "Big Mistake". Then came Riyadh Wadia’s much-publicised, offbeat short film "BomGay",then there was Govind Nihalani’s film "Takshak" which was the first step in bringing Rahul close to the masses. He directed Don Nigro’s "Seascapes" with Sharks and Dancers, which he loved.He starred in "Art" along with Zafar Karachiwala and Sohrab Ardeshir, where he played a self-titled plebian And speaking of appealing, we’re back to square one - what’s he got that the rest don’t have? Maybe it’s best to take Bose’s word for it. When asked what it takes to break into the international circuit, he says,"There’s no way to do it.It takes more luck than talent.In fact,it’s definitely luck that does it."

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