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Place of Birth : Bombay, India
Date of Birth : 28 March 1975
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Akshaye Khanna PROFILE

The second son of Vinod Khanna, Akshaye Khanna inherited the same classic good looks as his dad. He charmed his way into the hearts of teenyboppers right with his first film Himalayaputra. Though the movie didn’t do too well, Akshaye got the kind of recognition he was looking for. A versatile actor, Akshaye proved his acting abilities in his second film J P Dutta's Border. Though the movies that followed, like Mohabbat, Doli Sajake Rakhna, Laawaris and Kudrat proved to be a disappointment at the box office Akshaye’s acting abilities didn’t go unnoticed. A semi-hit with Rishi Kapoor's Aa Ab Laut Chale and Taal against Aishwarya Rai exposed the audiences to the wide variety of emotions and drama of this young man. With Dil Chatha Hai, which not just gave a different feel to the ‘youth centric’ films in India, but brought a whole new genre of non ‘heroic’ heroes to the silver screen, which Akshaye Khanna was more than comfortable playing. He again experimented with two totally different roles with Hungama and Humraaz, which did well at the box office. Then came another semi hit with Hulchul where he was paired against Kareena Kapoor. His forthcoming releases include Gandhi, My Father, 36 China Town and Autograph.

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