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Bharat Dabholkar kickstarted his career as the proprietor of an advertising company called Zen Advertising, which he later sold to, 'Publicis', an ad agency of international repute. He didn't find his tenure in the ad world very stimulating, and promptly switched over to theatre, where he became a name to reckon with. He is famous for pioneering the concept of skit plays, which essentially, is a two-hour fest comprising of a series of unrelated skits based on current political, social and economic happenings. His first play Bottom's Up was a big hit, and it's sequels, Son Of Bottom's Up and Grandson Of Bottom's Up, also went down well with the haw-haw bone of theatre lovers. His recent plays Mind Your Stethoscope and Oh No Not Again! are also faring well.

Bharat is known for his shaven pate, which he finds very comfortable. And mind you, he shaves it every day! Bharat didn't confine his act to the stage. It wasn't long before he got an offer from Ravinath Menon in Star TV to host Shock TV. The show didn't garner high TRPs though. He wrote and directed a breakfast serial called Dhamaal. He even featured in a Marathi serial "Gharo Ghari", a few Hindi ones like "Commando and Ghulam", "Begum", "Baadshah", and an English one, "Mouthful Of Sky". His role in these projects wasn't too long because he was particular about not allotting more than 2-3 days in a month to any particular serial.

Not many know that Bharat is also a fitness freak and is ever ready to extend his support towards the cause of health and fitness in the country. Between television and theatre, Bharat prefers the latter, which he feels, is more challenging, but creativity-wise, he considers them parallels.

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