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Place of Birth : Tapri, Himachal Pradesh India
Date of Birth : 25 February 1974
Date of Death : 05 April 1993
Place of Death : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Divya Bharti PROFILE

The daughter of an insurance officer, Divya Bharati left her studies to join the celluloid world. She initially started with Telugu films and gave a colossal hit with 'Bobbili Raja'. Her foray into Bollywood was short but equally successful. With films like Gulshan Rai's 'Vishwatma' with Sunny Deol, 'Rang', 'Dil Ka Kya Kasoor' 'Balwaan' and 'Shola Aur Shabnam' with Govinda which proved to be the greatest hit among all her other films, Divya was seen as the next big thing. But her untimely death in 1993 came as a major shock where she died of falling of the sixth floor of a building. She was not even twenty when she died.

Divya Bharti TRIVIA

Divya Bharti said she found nothing very interesting in the only Telugu film she did. She once said, “I was very innocent and also very eager to work and so had to do all kinds of stupid scenes. I had no other chance to try out any improvement. The only good thing was the money that came in from just one film. I received the kind of money I couldn’t get in four Hindi films put together. It was this money with which we bought our new apartment and our first car”. But she never went back in any film made in the south even though they were willing to pay her blanks cheques. 


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